10 things for a successful reading afternoon

Posted June 24, 2014 by Brin in Fun/Off-topic / 14 Comments

10 things that are essential for a successful reading afternoon:



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14 responses to “10 things for a successful reading afternoon

  1. I agree with most of these, I am having a reading day today, a next book is not needed since I am on my kindle today but unfortunately cough medicine is a must, and a duvet since I am feeling dreadful, but I am reading the worst witch series and Miss Cackle’s Academy is making me feel better 🙂 I don’t like choosing my next book to read, because I sometimes really just want to get into it, so I cannot keep my mind on the current one, terrible I know. Nice post 🙂

    • Yes sometimes a duvet or blanket is a must! Hope you feel better soon.

      I can be like that too – I’m either desperate to read the next book (so not concentrating on my current one) or I never want my current one to end and everything else feels like a poor substitute!! 🙂

      • Ye there is that too, I sometimes worry that if I read a great one, even if the next one is good, I just won’t like it as much. I do try and change genres so that doesn’t happen as much. 🙂

        • I do the same – sometimes I have had trouble getting into a book and it’s not that it is bad – just that I am still obsessing over my previous book!! Switching it up does help. 🙂

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