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find me tagAnyone who follows this blog will know I just love doing tags – and I don’t sit around waiting to be tagged either – if I see a tag I like I will just jump right in!

I came across the Find Me tag on Christy and Erica’s blog Novel Ink. It looked like a lot of fun so I thought I would take part! Hope these lovely ladies do not mind me joining in!

Here are the rules:

  • We are going to list 10 categories and you have to find one book in each category!
  • You can either list the titles of the book, or the pictures, really whatever you want to do, it’s totally up to you!
  • You can also tag as many people as you want, but those who are tagged are not obligated to do it!
  • The only thing we ask is that you link back to Novel Ink!

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1. The word “GONE” in the Title


2. Book with a Weapon on the Cover


3. Book with a Moon


4. Girl in a White Dress


5. Couple Kissing


6. Book with a Sunset


7. Book with Headphones


8. Book with Water


9. Book with a Flower


10. Book with Heart(s)


That was a lot of fun! I am really glad I came across this tag – thanks to the ladies @ Novel Ink for coming up with this. As for who I am going to tag to do this, well I tag… YOU!

That’s right, I tag anyone reading this who would like to do this tag to join in the fun. Please link back to the originators and I would also really love to see your answers too so link up in the below comments. 😀

have fun!


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4 responses to “Find Me Tag

    • Brin

      It was a really fun tag to do – some of the categories were tough lol.

      Yay – another Lumatere Chronicles fan!! It is a great series and I couldn’t resist popping it in up there!! 😀

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