Guilty Pleasures – We All ‘Ave Em

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Definition: something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

guilty pleasuresWe all have guilty pleasures – something we feel we shouldn’t enjoy doing/watching/reading or listening to but we do. I have quite a few things that I absolutely love even though I generally feel they are not perhaps the best use of my time.

Here are a few examples of guilty pleasures that I have (or at least, will admit to!):

  1. Any Way You Want It by Journey – I adore this song. It is something I listen to when I really need to cheer myself up and I usually dance around like crazy when I do!
  2. 13 Going On 30 – I love this movie. It’s basically the girl version of Big. I find Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo to be charming leads and I really love the Thriller dance scene. I know the film isn’t of the highest quality but I really do not care. I enjoy it every single time I put it on.
  3. The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop – this isn’t really what I would class as bad per se but it was definitely  out of my usual comfort zone. It is fantasy but of a slightly more erotic variety. It is not something I would have thought I would enjoy but I surprised myself by absolutely loving it. After reading this I gave dark fantasy more of a chance and now I really enjoy it.
  4. Made in Chelsea – I am not usually into reality TV (especially not the ‘scripted’ kind) but I am pretty addicted to this show!
  5. Sleeping in – I normally have to be up early for work so when I get a chance to have a ‘long lie’ I take it!
  6. TV Show Marathons – I sometimes avoid watching progammes on TV and wait for the DVD boxset to come out so I can watch all the episodes in one go. I am generally quite an impatient person and I hate waiting week-to-week to watch the next episode.
  7. Chips and Cheese – I am British so chips are really fries with melted, gooey cheese on top. Pure heaven!
  8. Disney movies – I have never, ever grown out of my Disney movie stage. I love them all particularly The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.
  9. Splurging on make-up – I do this a lot which is ironic since I barely ever wear make-up anymore. I don’t wear it to work or when I go shopping etc. I really only tend to use it if I go on a night out. Yet I still buy tons of the stuff. This is probably more of an addiction than a guilty pleasure but I do tend to feel guilty about the fact I spend so much money on something I don’t use so I am counting it on this list.
  10. Looking up cute animal videos on Youtube – I spend a lot of time online doing this (when I am not blogging anyway). My other half is probably fed up of all the times I pull him through to see yet another cute kitty video!

Well, that’s my top ten guilty pleasures. Do you have something you enjoy that you would consider to be a guilty pleasure?


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