Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books

I know this post is a day late but I really wanted to do this topic! I am not going to include certain sites because they are generally bookish in nature (if you squint a certain way!) but there are a tonne of sites I visit pretty much on a daily basis.

1. Reddit – I am an avid stalker of Reddit. I don’t have an account but I do like to lurk about my favourite subreddits (I don’t actually tend to visit the bookish ones much – I prefer the true crime and mystery subs).

2. YouTube – I am on this pretty much constantly. I mainly follow gaming channels but also cannot resist all the cute animal videos. 🙂

3. Pinterest – I love Pinterest so much. I tend to favour arty and fashion stuff – you can usually find me pinning away to my heart’s content most evenings. 😉

4. Previously TV – I used to be a big fan of TWoP (Television Without Pity for the uninitiated) and was really bummed when it closed it’s doors a few years back. This site is a pretty worthy successor (some of the original mods from TWoP’s golden days founded the site so it feels pretty homey).

5. BioWare forums – I tend to spend more time on the BSN (BioWare Social Network) when a game has just been released (or in the run up to it being released) but I still check back for news pretty regularly.


6. Tumblr – I am pretty much always on Tumblr. I do follow a lot of bookish people but I also like all the pretty photography. I am not hugely active (and tend to avoid most of the dramas) but I do like my own little corner.

7. Etsy – I am absolutely 100% addicted to Etsy. I just love finding all of the awesome crafty shops out there. I have a real love of unusual jewellery and I have found so many shops which wonderfully quirky pieces to add to my ever-growing collection (seriously, jewellery is probably my biggest shopping expenditure after book-buying).

8. Facebook – I set up my Facebook years ago but I have only really recently become more active. I love the groups.

9. Twitter – I find most of my news about my various interests on Twitter. It’s great for chatting with people who share my interests.

10. Instagram – My newest favourite site. Well, technically it’s an app but I visit on my computer too. I love bookstagram (obviously) but it is great for following all kinds of fabulous people. I am definitely a big fan!



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