Nerding out about…my new Xbox One!

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nerding out about

Nerding out about…my new Xbox One!

I couldn’t quite believe it the other day when my partner surprised me with this little (okay, actually quite bulky!) beauty. I love to play games and the Xbox 360 was my go-to console. We already have a PS4 so I was getting all settled down to play Dragon Age: Inquisition (which you will have heard me yammer on about if you have been following my blog!) on that even though I played the last two games in the series on my Xbox 360.


Lo and behold, my other half decided to treat me to an Xbox One! Now, this purchase may have been motivated by the probability of my hogging the PS4 for a few months (what can I say, if the other two DA games are anything to go by, I will be playing and replaying for quite some time) but I was over the moon about this (he really is a keeper). 😉

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be out on November 21st in the UK. I absolutely cannot wait to play this game – my excitement levels are pretty much sky-high!!


EDIT – Forgot to mention that this is a new feature on my blog whereby I will nerd out about all my latest obsessions not necessarily books! Hopefully it will be of some interest!


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12 responses to “Nerding out about…my new Xbox One!

  1. I just got the Sunset Overdrive Special Edition Xbox One! It’s completely white and gorgeous! It looks pretty next to my fiance’s black Xbox One! I use mine not just for gaming but for Hulu and nextflix and also I hook my tv provider up to it and I can watch through it so I don’t have to change inputs 🙂 What games do you have for it?

    • Ooooh nice!! The white ones are very pretty. 🙂 I got the the bog-standard black one but it goes with al the rest of our consoles/players so it’s all good!

      So far only two games – Dead Rising and Alien Isolation. Been eyeing up a few more though. 😉

      • If you like Dead Rising and want a more humorous version of it definitely check out Sunset Overdrive, I’ve never laughed so hard at a video game in my entire life! Destiny is great as well! Alien Isolation looked really good but also terrifying! The new Master Chief Collection is coming out to which has Halo 1-4 and you can play missions in any sequence! It’s the first time that Halo 2 is available for a new console other than the original Xbox! I highly recommend the Halo Games!

        • I certainly will check it out – thanks for the recs! 🙂

          My partner has Destiny on the PS4 and it really is awesome – such a beautiful game. I was a huge Halo fan on the Xbox/Xbox 360 – they are really addictive games! I will definitely consider getting the Master Chief Collection (even though we have all of the older versions lol). 😉

          The console came with Alien Isolation – I do really want to play it but I keep getting Dead Space flashbacks – not sure my nerves can take it!! 😀

          • I watched my other half play them but got a bit freaked when playing it myself lol. It’s odd because I used to be able to play scary games but I seem to be a lot jumpier these days (or maybe it’s just because the graphics are a lot better and you see things more)!

  2. I am so jealous, I want an Xbox One really badly. Do you know if the old kinect would work with the Xbox One? It would save me a bit on purchasing one if I could just get the system. 🙂 I have never played Dragon Age. My favorite go to game is Assassin’s the pirate one! 🙂

    • It’s awesome! <3 Totally worth it!

      I don't think they are compatible unfortunately. 🙁 I got it without the kinect feature since I never really used it on the Xbox 360.

      I like Assassin's Creed but I've only played the first two games – really need to get round to playing the rest at some point!

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