Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done

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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme previously hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

Today’s Topic is:

Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done for the Love of Books

I have done a few crazy-ish things in the name of books haha! Nothing too out there but definitely things I wouldn’t do for my other hobbies.

Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done

1. Taken a day off work to guarantee getting a book box

Yep, this was a fairly recent occurrence… I totally took a day off work so I could make sure I got my hands on the Finale Special Edition box that Fairyloot is putting out. It’s their first special edition and I’m well-excited like!

2. Queued at Midnight to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Yeah, I did that… anything to avoid spoilers. Though there was some knob at the front of the queue who decided to read out the last page once they got ahold of the book to everyone else waiting in line. People suck sometimes. 😡

3. Going without sleep to finish a book

This is actually a very common occurrence for me! I will forego sleep any day to be able to read a good book… have done this time and time again (and I don’t care!)

4. Buying multiple editions of the same books

I am getting quite a collection of Alice in Wonderland editions, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit editions, Narnia editions… well, you get the picture! I’m a collector at heart I guess. 😉

5. Actually having a bona-fide library in my house

That is what my spare room houses – my books! I’m well running out of space for them though and they have migrated out to nearly every other room too…

Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done

6. buying way too many Bookstagram props

I have a serious problem – just about everything I buy for the house I consider whether or not it could double-up as a Bookstagram prop. I’ve also bought things specifically for taking photos of that has no other practical use.

7. Having way too many Funko Pops

Somewhat related to my previous entry, and only kinda related to books, but I have quite the collection of Funko Pops. They have taken over my previous obsession for Living Dead Dolls. They are just way too cool on my bookshelves…

8. Cancelled plans to stay in and read

Yeah, I’m not even sorry about this one! I am an introvert at heart anyway so going out sometimes gives me hives at the best of times. I have been known to cancel strictly to read a new release I have been waiting for!

9. unhauled my favourite childhood books… then re-bought them all!

I deeply regret giving away my childhood books, so much so that I have ended up re-buying them all. The very same editions even. Yeah. 😙

10. Got over crippling shyness to start this blog

This is a biggie for me. I never, ever thought I would have the guts to start a blog. I’m a big scaredy-cat who hates putting myself out there. I have no idea sometimes how I can do this (and enjoy it even). But I definitely do!


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6 responses to “Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done

  1. Ahahaha! Totally agree with you about bookstagram props.. I need a separate closet to hold all that junk

    Also, I WISH we’d had the midnight launch of Harry Potter books in my city 🙁 I’d be the first one to queu!

  2. So many people, it seems like, have given up sleep for books! Sleep’s overrated, anyway, really. 😛 I’ve got a library in my house, too. When we bought the house, I told hubby that we had to have an office/library, and we bought a fixer-upper, so after the bedroom and living room were fixed, my library was done. xD Because priorities!

    Here’s my TTT post.

  3. I honestly skipped this Top Ten Tuesday cause I was like what 10 crazy things have I done for the love of books and then I realized I have done majority of the things on this list so I could have totally done this. I have to say I do miss going to midnight releases of the Harry Potter books. I wish those still existed.

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