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BRIN’S BOOK BUZZ is an original feature where I list my most anticipated releases that are coming out every month (buzz buzz!) I got the idea from taking part in Waiting on Wednesday.

There are so many books I look forward to. However, like most people I cannot afford to buy each and every book that I am excited for. As much as I would like to! I started making up lists of books based on my excitement level. And then I thought it would be fun to share this on my blog!

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As of June 2015, I have now retired this feature. I enjoyed compiling lists of new releases but there are so many blogs that do this (and do it better, I might add). It no longer felt fun or particularly relevant.

If I ever feel the desire to return to this – I will – but it would need to take a slightly different format. Thanks to everyone who stopped by these posts. For now, it’s goodbye from me (and my little helper bees!) Buzz Buzz!

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