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The technical definition of a blog disclaimer is a legal statement to limit your liability and advise others that you cannot be held liable for information included on your blog. That sounds pretty scary right? However, I think it is important as a blogger to err on the side of caution and make anyone reading this blog aware of what I am about. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now (too long).

This blog is a place for me to discuss my love of books. I am more than happy for people to comment on any of my posts – all viewpoints are always welcome! All opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any organisations (i.e. publishers) that I work with. I am a hobby blogger and do this for my own enjoyment. I do receive, read and review Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) but I am always honest in my opinions and make it clear when I have received a review copy.

I always try to ensure that the information I provide on this blog is accurate but I am only human and mistakes do happen from time to time. I am happy to update and correct any errors or omissions – just let me know either in the comments or by any of my contact methods listed.

The content of this blog is designed for entertainment purposes. I am not a guru (far from it!) and would never presume to provide any kind of legal advice. If anyone wants to chat about any issues I am more than happy to do so but please do not take this as any kind of professional guidance. I am in no way qualified for any of that!

I am not a professional. My opinions are just that – opinions. I can be wrong, misguided, completely out of touch – take your pick! I am just a person who loves books and wants to share that love with you all.

I reserve the right to change how I manage or run this blog. I may change my blog focus or content at any time (although that seems unlikely at this point since this book blog has now been running for almost 8 years!)

GIFs/Images used

GIFs used on my blog have been sourced from sites such as Tumblr and other related sites such as GIPHY. These will be credited where applicable. I do occasionally make my own GIFs which I am happy for people to use credit free!

Some of the images used will be from my own collection (photographs taken by myself). I do not mind anyone using my images but please seek permission from me first or at least give credit. 🙂

Otherwise, for any stock photo related purposes I generally use Pixabay because it has a wide selection of free to use images, but I also have a a PicMonkey account and do make use of their free images (mostly Shutterstock basic) as well as using my account to create graphics and content for my blog (I also use Canva sometimes to create content too). I also occasionally use images from Design Cuts, the Hungry JPEG, Creative Market, and most recently Design Bundles (I love my Plus Membership!) along with clip art and design elements. These are either purchased or offered free to download and use.

I always endeavour to make sure the images and elements used on this blog have permission from the artist/photographer for non-commercial purposes. My site is not monetized and offers no affiliate links – I’m a hobby blogger only. If an image has slipped through the cracks and you would like me to remove it from my blog, I would be happy to do so as soon as possible. Just contact me and I will arrange for its removal immediately.

FTC Disclaimer

Brin’s Book Blog, on occasion, receives ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of books for review. I will always give my honest opinions/thoughts on every review on this site and other related social media. I do not charge for these reviews nor do I receive any discounts, gifts, or any other type of compensation in exchange for reviewing these titles. I will always cite the source as ARC when I receive a review copy.

I review books in my own time and do not receive any monetary remuneration for doing this. The majority of books I read and review on this blog come from my own personal collection or occasionally from my local library.


Comments are always welcome. However, I do reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog (without prior notice) if they are:

1. Comments deemed to be spam
2. Comments that include language or ideas that could be deemed offensive
3. Comments containing hate speech, threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group

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