10 Things I Hate About Me

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10 Things I Hate About Me

I don’t tend to write a lot of personal posts. Mainly because I am pretty reserved for the most part. I am a typical INFP – I do not let people in easily! But…I am trying my best to get over that. So here are 10 things about myself that I dislike and would really like to do something about:

10 things

1. I hate how shy I am:  it makes life very awkward for me. I get tongue tied, I go beet red, and I have a hard time meeting people’s eyes when they are talking to me. Sometimes it works the opposite way – it’s like I just cannot stop talking in long rambling sentences that usually taper off somewhere about the time I realize that no one is paying attention. Being shy sucks.

2. My OCD:  this is a difficult one for me. I am getting treatment but it is very hard to try and break the routines I’ve developed to cope with this condition.

3. My terrible memory: I have an absolutely atrocious memory. It’s true – I often forget what I am told mere seconds after actually hearing it. The only thing I seem to be able to retain in my head is useless movie trivia – it comes in handy for playing trivial pursuits and the like but it is not the most useful skill to possess.

4. My terrible sense of direction: this doesn’t sound like a big deal but I once got lost…in the street next to the one I lived in! Granted I had only just moved there, and the next street was very long and windy, but it was incredibly embarrassing and I was teased about it for ages!

5. My man hands: I am not kidding: my hands are huge! I also have really chunky fingers (they are long but not at all slender and graceful). My boyfriend (now fiancé) bought a ring for me for my birthday, not long after we first started going out, and the jewellery assistant kept on insisting that he must have got the size wrong! I wasn’t even there and this still makes me cringe in embarrassment!

6. My tendency to blurt out things at the wrong possible moment: I have no filter. At all. I don’t mean to but sometimes I just blurt out things (usually things I would prefer people not to know).

7. My clumsiness: I could literally fall over something that wasn’t there. I have always been clumsy and accident-prone. I went through a window at school when I was 7 years old (they should have had plexiglass – after my little incident they certainly did!!). Had to get stitches on my wrist and between my fingers. I was lucky I didn’t get even more badly hurt.

8. I am easily embarrassed: This ties in to a few of my other pet peeves about myself. I get embarrassed very easily. I once dropped a subject at school because I fell trying to get onto a stool and everybody laughed (granted I had doubts about taking the subject anyway but the fall totally clinched it!).

9. I am not good at conflict: I hate to admit it but I am a bit of a pushover. People can get away with a lot with me. I can also bury my head in the sand rather than face up to problems or situations.

10. I have a bad tendency to people-please: I do not do this in order to be liked but I hate people thinking I am unhelpful and will usually drop everything to help someone. I wish I could say ‘no’ sometimes!


Well that is my top 10 things I dislike about myself. I will probably post a counter-argument at some point – things I actually quite like about myself lol.


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