DS9: An Overview

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The Background

Deep Space Nine is my favourite Star Trek series. No, more than that, it is my favourite television series of all-time. It definitely didn’t start out that way though. I already was a huge trekkie (I loved both the original series and The Next Generation) so I thought DS9 would be a slam-dunk.

I struggled to get into the first episode though, and further episodes just didn’t click for me. So I shrugged my shoulders and moved on, thinking to myself that you win some and you lose some: not everything is going to be to your taste, not even Star Trek.

I can’t remember exactly when I decided to give DS9 another shot; I know it was sometime after Voyager had begun airing (which was way later on terrestrial television in the UK) and I’m pretty sure it was after Worf joined the show, although that wasn’t the reason I started watching it again! It was a Garak episode – that I do remember. 😉

One thing about DS9 is that it always had a very rich caliber of guest stars and recurring characters. I have always been particularly fascinated by the Cardassians so it stands to reason that it was largely due to them that DS9 finally hooked me in. I began to buy up previous seasons (on video – that was how long ago it was!) and it very quickly wormed its way into my heart.

Rediscovering on Netflix

Re-watching the first season again (on Netflix, though I do own the DVDs) I can see why I struggled so much with relating to the show. As much as I love it now, the setting didn’t seem as interesting to me being based around a stationary space station rather than an exploratory starship.

I also didn’t click as much with the characters overall either. Sisko seemed like a poor substitute for Picard, Kira was a little too aggressive, Doctor Bashir annoyed the life right out of me. Only Quark and Odo really appealed to me and that wasn’t enough to keep me watching.

However, once I really got to know the characters, they equaled (and in many cases surpassed) the fondness I had for TNG crew. I grew to appreciate Sisko, began to really adore Kira, the Doctor also grew new layers which allowed me to fully appreciate him as a character.

I still loved Quark and Odo the best from the main cast but all of them were special to me in a way that no other series has ever really been able to rival (only Buffy comes close).

I have been watching the series again (right from the beginning) with my partner. He has seen odd-episodes but has never watched the series in its entirety so it is rather interesting watching it again with a ‘newbie’ – it’s almost like getting to see it again with fresh eyes.

The Goal

I think when I have finished watching season one, I will do a review on the blog focusing on the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ the series has to offer. I don’t have long to go with the first season (I only have one episode left then it’s on to season two).

I know it’s not strictly book-related (although I have read many of the tie-in novels) and I don’t often review television shows on here, but I hope people will indulge me a little. 😉


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2 responses to “DS9: An Overview

  1. I only got into Star Trek a few years ago, and binged the first four series, so I’m really excited to read your thoughts on DS9. It isn’t my favorite of the Trek shows, but I know alot of people love it, and it’s interesting to read their perspective. For the longest time Odo was my fave character though, but right in the last season, Garak topped him. Garak is so interesting!

    I still have to finish watching Enterprise (it’s been hard getting through it), and hopefully when I get through Season 1, I’ll be doing a review of it on my blog! 🙂

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