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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme previously hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is a freebie so I have decided to list my:

Top Ten Favourite Nostalgic Book Covers

I love all kinds of nostalgic and vintage books covers especially teen books I used to love back in the day. When I saw that this week’s topic was a freebie, I knew I had to do a post about some of my favourite vintage covers (some good and others… well, let’s just say it was a different time haha).

nostalgic books covers

1. Summer Isn’t Forever by Patricia S. Rivas

I love this cover – the colours are so bright and vibrant and it really just sets the scene for the book (I would imagine – I haven’t actually read it yet!) 😉 | Goodreads

2. Tell Me How the Wind Sounds by Leslie Davis Guccione

This cover just screams 1980’s to me – and I love it! So much nostalgic goodness. Everything about it is like a time capsule to the 1980’s – the illustrated cover and overly melodramatic tone is just perfect. | Goodreads

nostalgic books covers

3. Up A Road Slowly by Irene Hunt

I spent quite a bit of time (and money!) trying to get my hands on this edition (and ended up with two copies but that’s a story for another time). I just really love this cover – it’s so pretty and really nostalgic for a simpler time. | Goodreads

4. Down A Dark Hall by Lois Duncan

I actually like several of the older covers for this book but this one might just be my favourite (although sadly, I’ve yet to come across a copy). Lois Duncan’s covers never disappoint and this one is really fitting for the book – very gothic and mysterious… | Goodreads

nostalgic books covers

5. New Year’s Eve by Caroline B. Cooney

I would be remiss not to include these funky Point Romance covers and this one is a particular favourite! I was really drawn to these books as a preteen – lord knows why! They are pretty funny though. | Goodreads

6. Deadly Detention by Eric Weiner

I saw this cover and I knew I had to make this book mine. It’s just so… dramatic! Seriously though, this cover is just awesome and I love it. 🙂 | Goodreads

nostalgic books covers

7. Locked In Time by Lois Duncan

Another Lois Duncan cover makes the cut! I really love the cover for Locked in Time. This is the edition my local library had when I was younger and I still have a particular fondness for it. One day, I will need to track down a copy. | Goodreads

8. To Take A Dare by Paul Zindel and Crescent Dragonwagon

How awesome is the name Crescent Dragonwagon? I would bet it is a pseudonym but it’s still pretty far-out! Love the cover for this book. I did manage to find a copy at a reasonable price too. 😉 | Goodreads

nostalgic books covers

9. Happy Endings Are All Alike by Sandra Scoppettone

One of my favourite teen reads, Happy Endings is a genuine classic that I would urge everyone to read at least once. This cover is giving me serious feels too. | Goodreads

10. Loving by Francine Pascal

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Caitlin series (they are seriously trashy – much more than the Sweet Valley High series even!) but I’ve got to admit the covers are a trip. | Goodreads

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Well, I hope this was a nice trip to memory lane (or at least, an interesting look to the past)!

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