Places/Worlds Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

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top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Places / Worlds Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

Places or worlds that books have made me want to visit – this topic is going to be really difficult! There are just so many places where I would love to go! I definitely lean towards fantasy novels – the more fantastical the better – so most of my choices reflect this.

 1. The Six Duchies

Six Duchies

My favourite fantasy series so of course this is going to be at the top of my list! I would love to spend some time in this world with two of my favourite literary characters – Fitz and The Fool.

2. Kate Daniels World

kate daniels

I know this may seem like an odd choice – a futuristic Atlanta, post-apocalypse and struggling to maintain the balance between magic and technology? It most likely would be the last place anyone would want to visit – except me apparently! I think the world sounds fascinating.

3. Lumatere


I know Lumatere was previously cut-off and occupied and is still struggling to regain its foot in the world but I adore these characters and I would love to help them re-shape their nation!

4. Middle Earth

middle earth

Rather obvious choice – Middle Earth has always fascinated me. I would be in seventh heaven if I were to find myself magically transported there. Look out Legolas – I’m coming to get you!!

5. The Edge / The Weird


I wouldn’t like to live in the Broken (the normal world, the one without any magic) but the Weird seems delightfully odd and the Edge sounds like the place where all the cool kids come from! I mean, that place spawned Jack and George for Pete’s sake!

6. Warchild Universe


If anyone has read this series they are probably giving me the real side-eye now but bear with me! The world that Karin Lowachee has created is a brutal, violent place but who wouldn’t love getting to travel around on a cool-ass ship like the Macedon with Jos, Erret, Evan, and Ryan (even Yuri)? I know I would (just don’t get on the wrong side of Captain Azarcon)!

7. Terre d’Ange


This pseudo-France sounds wonderfully decadent and just a little bit indulgent. I would really enjoy partaking in all the balls and other events. It may seem like an overtly frivolous place but underneath all the pomp is a really rich and interestingly diverse culture.

8. Meduse


Again, this may seem an odd choice what with all the scary wizards and torture and whatnot. However, just imagine getting to hang out with Mildmay and Felix – two of the most interestingly messed up, flawed individuals I have ever had the pleasure of reading about? I just want to give Felix a hug (if he would let me) and Mildmay…well, I will leave that to the imagination! 😛

9. Narnia


Ahem, another fairly obvious choice! The Narnia books made up such a huge part of my childhood there is no way I could leave them off this list (plus talking animals for the win!) Definitely one of the places I have most wanted to visit!

10. Thisby Island


This seems like a fairly dangerous place to live (with scary man-eating water horses to boot!) but something about this mysterious island just tugs at my more whimsical side. I would actually really love to visit (and maybe meet a Sean Kendrick of my very own!) 😉

places horses running gif

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14 responses to “Places/Worlds Books Have Made Me Want To Visit

  1. I love Finnikin of the Rock and I have the sequel but haven’t picked it up yet. And those other Scorpio Races covers are gorgeous. I would buy them all and just stare at them all day.

    • Finnikin of the Rock is amazing but I think the sequel is even better (the third book is pretty amazing too).

      The Scorpio Races books all have really gorgeous covers – I can’t quite decide which one I like best. 🙂

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