Read Play Blog #10

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Read Play Blog #10

Do you own any gaming merchandise? Show them off, or tell us what merch you would most love to have!

Erm… do books count? I actually used to have quite a bit of gaming merchandise: Mass Effect figures, Final Fantasy collectibles, Resident Evil figures, Dead Space figures… lots of figures basically lol. However, I actually recently sold most of it because I was seriously running out of storage space.

Here are some gaming tie-novels and art books I have in my collection:

resident evil

The Resident Evil book series by S.D. Perry:  I was a huge Resident Evil fan back in the day so of course I read all of the game novelisations (even the not-so-stellar original stories).

dragon age

The Dragon Age novels by David Gaider and latterly Patrick Weekes. I haven’t actually read these (yet) but I have been collecting them over the years.


Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Inquisition art books: I love the games and I love art so these were an essential buy for me. Some of the artwork is absolutely beautiful.

I often drool over the apparel and merch in the BioWare store. I have my eye on the Archangel and Cullen tees. Some of the lithographs are also pretty stunning. I would also like to pick up the Dragon Age: Inquisition tarot cards at some point too.

Currently Playing and Recommended:

I haven’t actually been gaming much lately except for the odd shot of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The house is in a bit of disarray due to ongoing decorating and there is currently nothing to sit on in the living except for bean bags (which had to be purchased because deck chairs… not so comfortable). I am hoping to get back in the swing of it soon though.

Happy Gaming!

gamer gif


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2 responses to “Read Play Blog #10

    • Brin

      I love the art books too – it combines all of my favourite things lol.

      I know, it really was quite heart-breaking parting with all of the things I have collected over the years but they were just sitting gathering dust and at least this way someone will get to appreciate them. 🙂

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