The Hell You Say by Josh Lanyon

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
The Hell You Say by Josh LanyonThe Hell You Say by Josh Lanyon
Series: The Adrien English Mysteries #3
Published by Just Joshin on December 12th 2011
Pages: 272

Demons, death threats...
and Christmas shopping.
It's gonna be one Hell of a Holiday.

In the third in the popular Adrien English series, the "ill-starred and bookish" mystery writer has to contend with a Satanic cult, a handsome university professor and his on-again/off-again relationship with the eternally conflicted LAPD Detective Jake Riordan.

And, oh, yes, murder...

The Hell You Say is aptly named. Getting through this book was sheer torture – not because the content or writing was lacking – but because the characters were really put through the ringer. I had heard prior to reading this book that the angst levels were greatly increased but that warning did not prepare me for just how emotional I felt when I finally put down this book. Bravo Josh Lanyon. You truly made me feel the characters pain.

The novel begins with Adrien receiving strange and threatening calls at his bookshop. These calls are directed at his young employee Angus, who has always been a little bit strange and secretive. However, Adrien realises that Angus may in fact be involved in something far more dangerous and encourages him to leave town until it all blows over.

Adrien, of course, cannot resist looking into the matter further and soon discovers that there may be a cult involved. One brutal murder and a missing mystery writer convinces Adrien that may have made himself a target so he elicits the help of his erstwhile lover Jake Riordan.

Jake has his own set of problems however (bloody hell does he have problems) and Adrien realises that he can no longer rely on Jake’s help. Adrien finds himself getting closer to Guy, one of Angus’s college professors, but is unsure if he can trust him as he seems to have connections to the people who are threatening his employee. A deadly game of cat and mouse follows and Adrien will need all of his skills just to survive…

Bloody. Hell. This book completely toyed with my emotions. I actually cannot believe what I just read. The meltdown of Adrien and Jake’s relationship was really hard to read.


Really Jake – you have just gotten the woman you were seeing pregnant and you are now getting married to her?? What the hell…this was not how this story was supposed to go!!!


Don’t get me wrong, Jake’s desire for a normal life has always been obvious and he even told Adrien he could not give him what he was looking for…but still!! My heart broke for Adrien in this. Jake’s denial also broke my heart. You cannot live your whole life hiding who you really are so Jake retreating even further into the proverbial closet made me really upset but I guess I can see why it is so hard for him to be honest about himself and I cannot help but have a little compassion for him. Still I was mad at him too for how things ended up.

I really, really, really hated Guy. Don’t think that will ever change. He just came across sleazy and…just…no. The fake British accent thing really bothered me and the description of his appearance just wasn’t appealing in the slightest. I did feel really sorry for Kate though (even though she was the one coming between Adrien and Jake). Poor woman just doesn’t have a clue what she is getting herself into and I cannot imagine that she will have an easy time of it with Jake.

The story was intriguing but it really took a backseat to all the other relationship drama going on. I was left reeling from the breakdown of Adrien and Jake’s relationship. It was a no-win situation really. Adrien, deep down, longs for something more than just secretive rendezvous and Jake just cannot provide that. I am not sure what will happen in the next couple of books but the future just doesn’t look too bright for them.


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