7 responses to “2015 Re-Read Challenge – sign up!

    • Thanks – same to you!

      I am looking forward to this challenge. I do feel since I have started blogging I have neglected some of my old favourites so this is a great reason to get reacquainted!! 😀

  1. Ren

    Total YES for the Sarah Monette books! I’ve only got Corambis left to read but after that I really wouldn’t mind rereading them all again myself. I also always love a re-read of Alice’s adventures <3

    • Sarah Monette is awesome and the Doctrine of Labyrinths series is one of my all-time favourites! I think you will enjoy Corambis – it is quite different from the previous books but still very good. 🙂

      Re-reading Alice is always good! I haven’t re-read for a good few years so it is definitely time. 🙂

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