My Top Ten Favourite Bookish Websites

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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme previously hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is top ten:

My Top Ten Favourite Bookish Websites

I thought long and hard about this topic and decided I wasn’t going to list my favourite book blogs (because I would be here all day!) so instead I’m focusing on my favourite bookish websites. I follow so many blogs it would be really hard trying to narrow it down to only ten and I would feel super-bad about leaving anyone off the list.

Bear with me because I’m not feeling at my best today. I had to phone in sick from work and I’m sitting here in my PJs curled up round my laptop (feeling more than a bit sorry for myself!) Here are my top ten favourite bookish websites (click on each image for a link to the site):

1. Goodreads

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I wouldn’t have found the bookish community if not for Goodreads. Although I don’t spent a huge amount of time over there anymore, I do still use it to catalogue my books and keep up to date on any bookish news.

2. LibraryThing

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This is another cataloguing site, similar to Goodreads but not quite as successful. I still like it rather a lot though. I don’t really use it to keep track of my books but it is a great resource for tracking down hard-to-find titles. The community is pretty great too.

3. Bookstagram

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This isn’t a bookish website but it is a great source of inspiration for me. I love seeing everyone’s photos and the community element is pretty darn great. I’m including it because apart from my blog, it is definitely the place I spend most time on.

4. Thrift Books

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I love collecting vintage books so Thrift Books is a godsend for me! Such a huge selection of titles; I could literally spend hours on there. I enjoy reading the reviews too.

5. Epic Reads

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When I first started out in the book blogging community; Epic Reads was one of the bookish sites I was on every day. There was just so much bookish news and entertainment to be had. I’m not on as often now but I still visit frequently and I am still a subscriber.

6. Forever Young Adult

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Forever Young Adult is a reviewing site but it is also a community and it has a lot of contributors and guest contributors. The reviews are fun, there is a book club and even a store with bookish related merchandise. I like this site a lot.

7. Etsy

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Oh Etsy, let me count the ways I love thee… Seriously, I spend an inordinate amount of time on Etsy. Although not strictly a bookish website, there is still a tonne of bookish merchandise to be found on Etsy. Nearly all of my favourite small businesses are on Etsy and I spend the vast majority of my wages (and time!) on here.

8. Fantasy Cafe

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A reviewing site that focuses primarily on fantasy and science fictions books; Fantasy Cafe has news and articles about speculative fiction and also has various writers popping in here and there with guest posts/reviews. It’s a great little site for science fiction and fantasy lovers like myself.

9. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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I’m not a huge lover of romance as a genre but I do love this site. It’s sharp, funny, blunt almost to the point of rudeness (in a good way!) and just a lot of fun all around. It has a community, podcast, and related shop too.

10. The Book Smugglers

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It was through reading The Book Smugglers reviews that I first thought of starting my own blog, believe it or not. This site started out as a review blog but it has since become an independent publishing house. I have always really enjoyed visiting and can spend hours on here. One of my favourite bookish websites.

bookish websites

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