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a day in the life

A Day in the Life

I rarely share anything about my personal life on this blog. Part of the reason is for anonymity but it is also because I have always been an intensely private person and I dislike opening up about anything.

I am trying to be a bit more open with people I know in real life and I would also like to share a bit more about myself and my life on my blog. It is primarily a book blog, sure, but I feel it can be pretty cathartic to open up about yourself now and again.

I actually had a pretty good day today. I have not been doing so great lately (all of my old anxieties and issues seem to be rearing their ugly heads at the moment) so it was good to have a day off and the chance for a little bit of levity.

My partner and I decided (on the spur of the moment which is awesome because my OCD usually means I have to plan everything out in minute detail) to get out of the house since it was such a lovely summery day (probably the hottest day of the year so far).


My other half had to get a filling replaced this morning so we decided to make the most of the sunshine and walk to his dentist via the park. It was a lovely walk and it was great to finally get some exercise. There were a few others making the most of the sunshine and it is always surprising to have people greeting you with a ‘good morning’ when you usually receive sullen stares and silence. The good weather seems to bring out the best in everybody!


After his appointment, we decided to go to the cinema but first we went to Starbucks and grabbed a couple of drinks to help cool ourselves down.


I got a white chocolate (mocha) frappuccino (gotta get my daily dose of caffeine!) and my other half went with a caramel cream frappuccino (he doesn’t like coffee – what the heck is that all about?).

jurassic world

There were quite a few films on that we wanted to see but we finally settled on Jurassic World. I have a lot of fond memories of the first Jurassic Park film and this film certainly managed to capture a lot of the same magic even though some of the plot was a little ridiculous (but hey, if you can imagine that dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction, the rest is not really all that far-fetched). It was definitely entertaining and I am a fan of Chris Pratt so it was all good. 😉


After the film ended, we realized we were ravenous and decided to go out for an early dinner. We pondered our options before finally deciding on Sportsters. We got nachos to share for starters (yum!) and I went with something a little different for the main course and got a vegetable stir fry (I usually tend to get their macaroni cheese). The Mr got a cheese burger and fries with a side of onion rings (I stole half of them and his coleslaw!). We contemplated getting a dessert but were absolutely stuffed by that point and decided to go for a quick walk around the high street shops before finally heading home.

All in all it was a pretty relaxing day. It was good to do something normal for a change and it almost felt like how life used to be before all of the worries and ill health starting plaguing us both. It was nice getting a little window of enjoyment again.


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