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I have been a huge fan of Louise’s shop for a long time so when I was given the opportunity to promote one of these amazing sleeves by @bookbestiesuk – well, I fair jumped at the chance! I was one of the lucky ones selected and I’m so happy to share Louise’s gorgeous creations on my blog.


The quality of these sleeves is amazing and I have never been disappointed (I own approximately 70 sleeves from this shop which kinda speaks for itself!) I always love to support small businesses and I was thrilled to discover BookBestiesUK on Etsy a couple of years ago (since most book sleeve companies were based in the USA and the postage to the UK tends to be on the extortionate side).

It’s been a pleasure watching Louise’s shop go from strength to strength over the last few years. BookBestiesUK is my go-to shop for quality book sleeves at a price you really just can’t ignore. Most sleeves are only £12.00 apiece (some of the very rarest, hard-to-get fabrics go for £13.00 but that is still super-reasonable) and there are some priced a little lower (Kindle covers for example).

Now just a small disclaimer, as I mentioned above, this sleeve was sent out for review purposes but this doesn’t affect my review in any way. I have bought many (many!) sleeves from BookBestiesUK which is a testament to how much I love these products. I am so grateful to be given the chance to provide an honest review here and on my social media. I don’t normally do product reviews (except for the odd subscription box unboxing here and there) but since these are a bookish product I think it is only fitting!


First off, how gorgeous is that fabric? 😍😍 It’s just so colourful and the design is gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant and the detailing is just so pretty. It’s quite a rare fabric too – I have heard through the grapevine (i.e. the BookBestiesUK Facebook group lol) that it sells out really quickly everywhere and only goes up in limited runs so I feel really lucky and grateful to add it to my collection!

As with all of Louise’s creations, it is well-made with extra padding that definitely keeps my books safe and protected. This particular sleeve is paperback size which fits normal size paperbacks and even the slightly larger than normal ones too (I’ve well tested these sleeves out haha!) Indie paperbacks also fit though a bit more snuggly.

There are a selection of sizes: paperback, hardback, Kindle etc. and you can add a button closing for no extra cost. I tend to buy mainly paperback size but I have a couple of Kindle covers and I am starting to accumulate a collection of hardcover sized sleeves as well.

I always really admire how well-stitched these sleeves are (as someone who took a sewing class in school – and was terrible at it! – I always appreciate really excellent craftmanship). I am also a perfectionist (it’s the OCD in me) and always notice little flaws but I never see any with Louise’s sleeves.

The range of designs from Louise’s shop is vast and she often works with other artists/designers such as @aliciawarhola,, @bookishandstuff, @sarahandsweet, @jennawhyte625, @artsandtravelprints, @karamfila.s, and (most recently) @tjlubrano – there are probably some I am missing here so apologies!

Now, I would be remiss not to show off some of the other lovely sleeves I have bought from BookBestiesUK – here are a few of my recent purchases (plus the one I received for review in the middle image):

book besties uk

I am quite partial to a wee Disney design as you can see! I was very happy to recently pick up the Nightmare Before Christmas design – it came up as a special fabric run before and I missed out on it then so when it was available again I knew I had to make it mine! I also love the Disney characters fabric (super-rare) and the Disney/Potter mash-up fabric (super, super-rare!)

Custom designs are also available and I’ve gotten quite a few in the last year. One of my personal favourites was this nifty little number below (on the left):

book besties uk

I love anything and everything Alice in Wonderland related so when I came across this fabric I knew I would love it for a book sleeve. I approached Louise and nothing was a bother at all – she was able to get the fabric in quickly and I received it within a short period of time. It is by no means the last custom I ordered – and I’m sure I will get more in the future (well, when I’ve paid off all the pre-orders I’ve got lined up – BookBestiesUK is going to bankrupt me – I swear!) 😉

I’m also in awe of how stunning the Sugar Skull girl fabric is in the middle picture above (and the sleeve I received for review totally goes with this little collection I have).

Everything is always sent out super-fast and there is always great communication from Louise. Whenever I’ve ordered a custom I am kept up-to-date with everything and sent regular updates (includes pics!) of the finished product to make sure I am okay with everything.

The shop has become very popular and there are loads of orders on a daily basis so it does take a little extra bit longer recently but compared to wait times from some other shops it’s no time at all. It’s actually remarkable how Louise manages to find the time to run this business on top of her day job and with a little one as well. I would be knackered!

book besties uk

If all my raving above hasn’t convinced you to check this shop out yet – what are you waiting for? Trust me, you will not be disappointed. 😊

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