Stacking the Shelves #186

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stacking the shelves bookish haul

Stacking the Shelves – a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality

what’s the buzz: weekly round-up and book haul

This week has been pretty awful, if I’m being honest. Not so much in the same way as last week (that was more of a bad luck time than anything else) but more on the general life is pretty sh*t sometimes. Some bad news (which I’m not going to go into) which brought back some painful memories.

So, I haven’t felt that much like blogging this week (which you will see by the big number of posts I have done this week i.e. nada). I haven’t even felt like shopping (shocking – I know!) I did get some books (pre-orders mostly) but no merch at all this week which I don’t think has happened once this whole year…

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weekly bookish purchases

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan | The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black | Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews | The Missing Season by Gillian French


stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Always the Groomsman by Raleigh Ruebins | Surrender by Erika Wilde | Saving the Super-Man by Louise Collins | Provoked by Sarah Bailey | The Source of Magic by Clare Solomon | I Hate You, Propose by Jamie Knight

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

The Storms of Arlow by Gabriela Fišerová | Smalltown Boy by Amelia C. Wilson | A Midwinter’s Wedding by Melanie Cellier | Outbreak by Richard Denoncourt | Crossroads by Tom Hilker | Three Girls by Rachel Schurig

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Love in the Moment by Elena Aitken | Taking a Chance by Tom Hilker | The Assist by Rebecca Jenshak | Tobias by Skye Avery | Sway by Adriana Locke | Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Elastic Bands by Tom Hampson | Of Ash and Angels by K.C. Decker | Secrets by Aleatha Romig | What He Left Behind by L.A. Witt | Checking Him Out by Debbie McGowan | After the Ending by Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

The Scotch Series by Penelope Sky | An Enchanted Beginning by Frank W. Butterfield | The Dead Can’t Rest by Mathis B. Rogers | To My Future Number 1 Fan by L.A. Witt | Transcend by Jewel E. Ann | The House the Devil Built by Benjamin Hively

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Finding Master Right by L.A. Witt | Next by Rachael Brownell | His End Game by R.B. Hilliard | Welcome to Your Life by Katrina Marie | Chosen by Nicholas Bella | Wolf Scent by Isabel Dare

received for review

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Somebody to Love by Wendy Vella | Street Magic by Taylor S. Seese | Peter Cratchit’s Christmas Carol by Drew Marvin Frayne | F*ck No! by Sarah Knight | Seven Days by Alex Lake

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Brimstone by Justine Rosenberg | A Broken Winter by Kale Night | A Fight in Silence by Melanie Metzenthin | Just a Boyfriend by Sariah Wilson | The Girl Who Cheated Death by Alan Baker | Storm of Ash by Michelle Kenney

stacking the shelves book haul week 186

Before the Fall by S.A. Collins | The Wolf and the Sparrow by Isabelle Adler | Facing Us by Nicci Harris | The Twelve Realms by A.D. Sloane | Join or Die by J. Adrian Ruth | Ghost in the Graveyard by Charlie Comparetto

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