Buffy the Vampire Slayer Geekery

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Geekery

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned my Buffy the Vampire Slayer obsession on my blog before. I used to be addicted to this show (and it still remains one of my favourites to this day). So I was happy to hear that Funko are releasing a range of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vinyl Figures.

Check them out:

Buffy Funko figures

They are so adorable! They are out in September and you can bet I already have them pre-ordered!! Check out the two different versions of Spike (Vamp Spike is a variant).


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22 responses to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Geekery

          • Oh I love it! Controversially, I think I prefer it to Firefly. But that’s probably because I have a massive girl crush on Eliza Dushku! 🙂

          • I prefer Firefly overall but I think Dollhouse is really underrated. Season 2 was particularly strong.

            I have loved Eliza Dushku since she was Faith!! Think my favourite characters in Dollhouse were Topher and Adelle though. 😉 Wish it had gotten a longer run.

          • I totally agree, apart from Buffy and Angel, all of Whedon’s shows have been cut off in, or before their prime…it makes me sad. 🙁

            Topher is so great! Did you see Cabin in the Woods? It got some pretty bad press but I thought it was genius. Fran Kranz is so awesome in it.

            Look what I’ve started, I could talk about Buffy related things forever! lol.

          • I know what you mean – Dollhouse was just getting really good when it was cancelled. Firefly had least had Serenity to tie up all the loose ends.

            I loved Topher – even in Season 1 though it was really Season 2 where he really stood out. I adored Cabin in the Woods and Fran Kranz definitely was the best character (though I have a soft spot for Chris Hemsworth too). I thought the film was genius. 😉

            Lol – I am totally the same! I love all things Whedon. 😀

    • Buffy was great – I still miss it. Having a re-watch at the moment after not watching it for many years – I like seasons 6 & 7 a lot more than I used to (though I still think 2 & 3 were the best seasons overall). 🙂

      • Firefly was my first love… I can probably still quote large portions of it from memory!
        I think that’s the genius of Joss– we watch, we fall in love, we retain the aforementioned love even when the series ends, and then he comes out with something new and the whole cycle keeps going.

        • Firefly was pure and utter brilliance. I agree – it was very quotable (especially anything that came out of Jayne’s mouth)!!

          I will always watch anything Joss has had a hand in – even if it is not my usual thing. I usually end up loving it (Angel took me awhile to get into but once I did I was hooked). You’re totally right – Joss seems to retain most fans loyalty. 😉

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