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Collectibles on Bookshelf

This week’s topic is perhaps my favourite ever Top 5 Wednesday topic yet! This week we are discussing our favourite collectibles on our shelves, whether they are special editions of books, funko pops/figurines, candles, bookmarks, etc! This is pretty much tailor-made for me – I love to collect and display my favourite things – not just limited to books!

1. Funko Pops


I think Funko Pops will probably be a popular choice – I see many, many photos on Bookstagram with Funko Pops positively littering people’s bookshelves. With so many fandoms to choose from (and various types of Pops) they are definitely versatile.

2. Mugs


I have loads of bookish mugs but I don’t tend to use them for drinking my hot beverage choices – nope, I use them for mostly decorative purposes (plus, they are handy for holding bookmarks, pens etc.)

3. Figures/Figurines


I do love me some figurines (especially skulls as you can see from the photos above!) I have quite a selection (and my tastes are varied – running from sugar skulls to Disney, Gorjuss figurines, oh and did I mention skulls? I love ’em all… 😉

4. Candles


What bookworm doesn’t love candles? I love bookish ones, Yankee candles… just about every kind of candle if I’m being completely honest. They make for great shelf decorations and smell heavenly too.

5. Plushes


I’m basically a big kid – I love soft toys and plushes. Always have – always will. I love being able to display them on my bookshelf – when I’m not cuddling into them that is!

bonus – book sleeves


I couldn’t not include book sleeves! These little beauties keep my books safe and protected – plus they look awesome on my shelves. I probably have over 100 book sleeves – maybe even more than that. I’m obsessed! 😀

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One response to “Collectibles on Bookshelf

  1. That is a LOT of book sleeves!!! Did you make them yourself or did you buy them all? I have one and I don’t love it because it is too thick and bulky and doesn’t really fit in my bag. Is there a certain brand you recommend? I got mine from Story Hero on Etsy, and the design is amazing, it just didn’t fit my needs haha.

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