LGBTQ+ Books Non Cis M/M Relationships

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Favourite LGBTQ+ Books That Don’t Feature Cis M/M Relationships

I’m really liking this week’s topic, having to consider LGBTQ+ books that doesn’t feature cis m/m relationships is a toughie but I like having to think outside the box for this one. It has also made me realize that although I do read a lot of diverse books, m/m books makes up the majority of that. I really do want to read more books that encompass a wider spectrum of characters and sexualities.

So, without any further ado, here are some LGBTQ+ books that don’t feature cis m/m relationships:

1. Pantomime by Laura Lam

non cis relationship

Micah Gray, the main character in ‘Pantomime’, is intersex. Micah also identifies as bisexual. The main love interest Drystan is male (and also bisexual but more attracted to men than women). Micah also has romantic interest in a girl in the first book. This series is great for representation and although fantasy, is very relevant.

2. Light Up The Dark by Suki Fleet

non cis relationship

The main relationship in this book is between two men; Nicky and Cai (one gay and the other bisexual) but also features another relationship between Cai’s niece Sophie and Loz who identifies as non-binary. As much as I loved Nicky and Cai, I was always eager to get back to the chapters featuring Loz who is a wonderful character. Sophie is really endearing too and their relationship was just lovely.

3. Happy Endings are all Alike by Sandra Scoppettone

non cis relationship

This book has the distinction of being the very first book I ever read with gay characters. Jaret and Peggy are two friends who realize they are in love. Written in the 1970s, some of the terminology is very dated but I still feel it is a very relevant story. The love that blossoms between these two girls is very sweet, even when circumstances try to force them apart.

4. Adaptation by Malinda Lo

non cis relationship

Malinda Lo can always be counted on for writing diverse characters and this book is no exception. Reese has a crush on her friend David but is afraid to act on her feelings. She then meets Amber and begins to fall for her too. I haven’t actually read the second book in this duology (yet) but I have heard that these three characters end up in a poly relationship which is pretty cool.

5. Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan

non cis relationship

Holla 4eva!! I love all the relationships in this series but Holly and Angela is the one that just makes me go awww. Seriously, they are so sweet together and it is fun to see tough Angela turn into a pile of goo around her crush. I was rooting for them right the way through the series and was happy they finally got together in the last book.

non cis m/m kiss

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