Discussion: LGBT Covers

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Discussion: LGBT Covers

I love pretty covers. I get sucked in all the time when a book has a particularly eye-catching cover. I saw that for the LGBT Challenge in July it is REWIND Month – a chance to catch up on any discussion topics you may have missed in previous months. I only signed up for this challenge in May (after taking part in LGBT Month in April) so I never got a chance to take part in the cover discussion (which took part in March). So…I am taking part now!

Now, I have waxed lyrical about my favourite LGBT covers when I took part in LGBT Month so I am going to do something different here. Specifically, I am going to look at cover re-designs (and give my opinions on them). Sounds fun right? Awesome! 😀


The first cover is really bold and eye-catching but I must confess I like the second one a lot more. The title stands out and the background just seems fitting with the subject. I like the text in the background – it is an interesting feature that doesn’t detract from the attention-grabbing title. I like it.


The first cover is simple and cute. The second…is a bit of an eyesore really! The colour is bold but despite not having a lot of detail, the cover just seems kinda busy to me. I love the colours on the first cover (and the candy hearts!) so my vote goes to that one.


I have the first cover but I think I actually prefer the new revised second cover. It fits more with the tone of the story plus the guy on the front of the first cover looks nothing like how the main character is described which just…irks me a little!


Definitely the first cover. I do not really find the second one to be very eye-catching. The first is just cute and makes me want to pick the book up but the second one – my eye just glosses over the cover to be honest.


This one is really hard – I like both of them! Maybe the second one just a little more though. I like the yearbook feel of the first cover but the second one really is just gorgeous.


I was disappointed when the UK version (second cover) did not have the same cover as the US. I feel like the US cover makes such a positive statement while the UK one plays it safe a little. There is nothing wrong with the design – it is really quite pretty – but I just wish they had gone with the first cover (though most of the other David Levithan books have been re-released in the UK with similar covers to the one above).


 Again, I actually quite like both of these covers (the version I own is the second one) but the first cover just edges out over the second. I like the mirrored images whereas the second cover has a generic dystopian-looking cover of a devastated city – it is not as unique.


Both of these covers are perfectly cute but I slightly prefer the UK version (the second cover). It has a softer feel which (ironically) catches my attention more.


These two covers are pretty tonally similar. The two girls are wearing orange/yellow on both covers and it is depicting a summery beach scene. I think the second cover is a little bit more bold though even though I really like the image of the two girls jumping over the rocks (seems a little symbolic?) but I would have to go with the second cover.


While the second cover is lovely (the colours are very pretty and it does fit the somewhat bleak tone of most of the book) I still have a fondness for the original cover – it intrigued me when I first saw Hushed (it is now one of my favourites) and was part of the reason why I read it in the first place.


These covers are actually pretty similar but I think I like the colour version a little bit more. It seems a little bit more…hopeful, I guess?


The two covers are actually pretty stunning but I have a slight preference for the first cover. It is what made me pick this book up at random in the bookshop one day and made an impulsive buy (which worked out pretty well since I discovered a new awesome author). I’m not sure I would have made that buy if it had been the second cover I spotted that day.


Argh…I am so torn by these covers. I adore the first cover with the gorgeous lanterns and when I initially saw the re-design I was a little miffed that they changed it but the new cover just keeps growing on me…sod it – I declare this one a tie!


Which covers do you prefer?


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10 responses to “Discussion: LGBT Covers

  1. Great post 🙂 I think I prefer:
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Second.
    Boy meets Boy: First.
    The Red Sheet: Second.
    Turning 16: First.
    Lies We Tell Ourselves: Difficult! I love both 🙂 But just preordered the first.
    Two Boys Kissing: First and I agree with you!
    Proxy: First (but I just ordered the second).
    Will Grayson, Will Grayson: Second.
    My Best Friend, Maybe: Both!
    Hushed: First.
    Keeping You a Secret: First.
    Ash: First (would love the second one if it wasn’t black&white).
    Falling From the Sky: Both!

  2. I feel like the second cover for Perks of Being a Wallflower is a little overwhelming. The first captures my attention in the weird formatting. Anyways, I love this post, I have more LGBT books to read now! 🙂

    • Yeah I can see that – I find though that my attention is focussed on the font so the background doesn’t stand out to me that much but I can see why some would find it a little too busy. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  3. Okay, let’s see…

    Perks – green cover, no question (I wasn’t a fan of the story/Charlie though..)
    Boy Meets Boy – I don’t like yellow covers…
    Red Sheet – wow, that other cover is totally new-to-me, but I think I prefer it to the “sexy” one with the MC lying naked on red sheets (it’s ya, right?!!) one too
    Turning 16 – yup, definitely the first one (I also kinda like this one: https://www.goodreads.com/book/photo/20498441-turning-16)
    Lies We Tell… THE SECOND ONE! <3
    Two Boys Kissing – the UK one is AWFUL
    Proxy – yep, both covers look great
    Will Grayson – UK <3
    My Best Friend, Maybe – can't say that I care for either
    Hushed – the new cover is hauntingly gorgeous, but I love the original too
    Keeping You a Secret – everything is better than that black&white cover
    Ash – I LOVE the black one
    Falling from the Sky – LOVE both, can't possibly choose one over the other

    Great post, Brin!

    • Re The Red Sheet – yep it’s YA (slightly more mature YA though). The second cover fits better, I think.

      LOL – how many covers does Turning 16 have?? It’s not even been out for very long!

      I really wasn’t happy with the Two Boys Kissing UK cover – I haven’t bought it yet in protest LOL! If I can pick up the US cover somewhere I will. <3

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