Favourite Character Pairings

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Favourite Character Pairings

This week’s topic is a character freebie (yay!) so I’ve decided to talk about my favourite character pairings (romantic and otherwise). I am very much character-oriented when I am reading and prefer books with strong character bonds over wholly plot-driven novels. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic connection – I also adore strong friendships and familial relationships.

Don’t get me wrong – I am as much of a shipper as the next person and I do love certain romances in books (even ones that never come to fruition) but it’s not the be all and end all for me. Here are some of my favourite character pairings in books (I warn you, I love messed-up relationships too!)

favourite pairings in books  favourite pairings in books

1. Jude and Cardan from the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black

I jut love the messed-up energy between Jude and Cardan. It veers into problematic at times but they both give as good as they get so I don’t feel too guilty about loving them both.

2. Fitz and the Fool from the Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb

My favourite ship that never sailed (sobs). I so wanted Fitz and the Fool to turn romantic but their friendship was pretty darn amazing in and of itself.

favourite pairings in books favourite pairings in books

3. Briar and Poet from the Foolish Kingdoms series by Natalia Jaster

I guess I really love jester characters what with the Fool being my ultimate favourite literary character ever and Poet being not all that far behind. I cannot stress how much I love Briar too – her and Poet were made for each other. Such a fascinating pairing…

4. Neil and Andrew from the All for the Game trilogy by Nora Sakavic

They are eventually romantic but I loved their interplay throughout the series even when they kinda hated/mistrusted each other. Enemies to lovers is perhaps my favourite trope of all so I loved Neil and Andrew.

favourite pairings in books favourite pairings in books

5. Lila and Kell from the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab

Is there a more kick-ass female character than the one and only Ms. Lila Bard? I think not! Seriously, I adore Lila (my little murder baby!) and grumpy Kell as well. They are awesome together.

6. Evan and Jos from the Warchild series by Karin Lowachee

I love Evan and Jos’ friendship. There is so much baggage there and hurt but they clearly care a lot for each other even if they have a funny way of showing it.

favourite pairings in books favourite pairings in books

7. Felix and Mildmay from the Doctrine of Labyrinths series by Sarah Monette

Felix and Mildmay have a bit of a tricky relationship. They are brothers who weren’t raised together (didn’t even have any knowledge of each other until they run into one another). Felix has a bit of a messed up crush on Mildmay… it sounds like a Lannister situation but don’t worry – it doesn’t actually go there!

8. Simon and Baz from the Simon Snow series by Rainbow Rowell

Baz is desperately in love with Simon but they are mortal enemies… until they are not. I just adore Baz. Baz is my everything. Simon is also utterly amazing. Together. Apart. They are just goals.

favourite pairings in books favourite pairings in books

9. Damen and Laurent from the Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat

Enemies of the most bitter kind, these two are forced together when Damen is sold as a slave to Laurent. Forced to keep his identity a secret, Damen is fascinated with the young royal. Their connection is intense. Uncomfortably so but oh so very compelling. Slavery is a tricky subject but it works here for me.

10. Monty and Percy from The Montague Sibling series by Mackenzi Lee

Monty and Percy are just sweetness and goodness and everything that is pure with the world. The end.

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2 responses to “Favourite Character Pairings

  1. Some really good choices here! I love Jude and Cardan, too, because it doesn’t play at being a healthy relationship. They both understand and admit it’s perfectly messed up, but I just love the idea of them being attracted to each other and how horrifying that is for them both and then trying to one-up each other. It’s a fun dynamic. I still need to read A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, but I’ve heard such amazing things about Monty and Percy that I’m certain I’m obviously going to fall in love with them, and I look forward to it!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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