Top Ten Favourite Childhood TV Shows

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favourite Childhood TV Shows

I was going to do my top ten favourite shows of all-time but then I realized that I already did this topic way back when (see my post here) and since my list is pretty much the same it would be a tad redundant to do it again. So instead, I opted to go with listing my favourite shows from childhood/early teen years.

Some of these shows actually date back to the 1980s – living in the UK meant getting a lot of these shows waaaaaayyyy later than most plus we were kinda poor so didn’t even have Satellite/Cable TV back then. So that meant I had to wait yonks before these shows were shown on one of our 4 (later 5) channels. I really cannot imagine ever going back to those days of such little choice (thank the maker for video stores). Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough here!

This is my list of shows that I used to watch (and adored) in no particular order:


1. Eerie Indiana: I loved this quirky little show! It was like Twin Peaks for pre-teens.

2. My So-Called Life: This show was a total revelation for me (and it only lasted one season *sobs*). That cliff-hanger though… so cruel!


3. The Wonder Years: I used to watch this with my mum and we both loved it. My mum grew up in the 1960s so it was really trippy for her.

4. Byker Grove: Also known as the show where Ant and Dec got their big break (who could forget P.J. and Duncan – I bet they’d like to!)


5. Elly & Jools: I loved this Australian show about a ghost called Elly and the boy who could see her called Jools. Very odd and quirky and tons of fun.

6. The New Adventures of Black Beauty: I watched the original series from the 1970s too (and no, I wasn’t alive back then – it was on rerun!) but this follow-up series that ran in the early 1990s was my favourite.


7. Heartbreak High: Another Aussie show that I loved! Neighbours and Home and Away were very, very big over here but I always preferred this somewhat more gritty  show which was set in a tough inter-city school.

8. Quantum Leap: How I loved this show! This was another one I used to watch with my mum. We never missed an episode (and we both howled buckets at the last ever episode).


9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: I had to make sure this one was at number 9! I loved all Star Trek to be fair but DS9 got me through some really tough times when I was younger so it remains my favourite.

10. Boy Meets World: I adored this show (Shawn was my favourite). I grew up with these kids as I watched right from the beginning when they were still in junior school right up to college. Ah, the memories!


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6 responses to “Top Ten Favourite Childhood TV Shows

  1. Sam

    Quantum Leap! I completely forgot about that show. It was a great one. I still need to make my way through all the Star Trek series. I’ve only seen TNG and Original Series so far.

  2. To be honest, I don’t know most of these shows, I suppose they never made it to Austrian television, but I absolutely adore My So Called Life. This show is just brilliant. It’s such an accurate example of what being a teenager really feels like.

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