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today’s topic is: Favourite Creepy Settings

This week is all about my favourite creepy settings…and I’m not limiting myself to just books here! Halloween is fast approaching so the topic is very apropos! Can I just say that I love this topic?! There are a lot of genuinely creepy settings to be found across all of my favourite mediums so it seems a shame not to delve into all of these!!

1. Derry – Stephen King’s IT

The book is terrifying. IT was the first book I read that truly managed to scare the crap out of me. The recent movie also did a good job of bringing the scares so it well deserves a place on this list!

2. The Upside Down – Stranger Things

Stranger Things was the rare phenomenon that managed to sneak in out of nowhere and deliver a really great viewing experience. The Upside Down was a chilling look at an alternate reality along with the requisite monster(s) to scare the bejesus out of us watchers. I am really looking forward to seeing what season 2 will bring.

3. Wonderland – Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

Let’s face it, Caroll’s Wonderland is a disturbing place whether it is the book, the animated Disney movie, the live-action Disney movie etc. but I think that Alice McGee’s Madness Returns is perhaps the scariest iteration yet. The game is seriously freaky…

4. Silent Hill – Konami’s Silent Hill series

Speaking of freaky, I would be remiss not to mention Silent Hill’s many monstrous denizens particularly that eldritch abomination that is Pyramid Head. The introduction of this fiend (as depicted in the above gif) says it all really. You first come upon him (it?) assaulting a couple of four-legged mannequins and you know you are in trouble! *shudders*

5. Haunted Asylum – Session 9

This movie was filmed in and around the Danvers State Mental Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts (read the background on this creepy asylum if you dare!) The cast and crew of the film have a few chilling stories to tell about their experience while filming the movie. Overall, it is definitely a spooky movie but the real horror of what happened here would chill you to the bone.

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