Fictional Bucket List #5

Posted November 16, 2014 by Brin in Discussion Posts / 2 Comments

fictional bucket list

I have spotted several versions of the Fictional Bucket List popping up on a few blogs now and I think it is really awesome so I couldn’t resist making up a list of my own!

Fictional Bucket List #5

Basically it is a bucket list for all the literary worlds you would love to visit or literary characters you would like to interact with – the sky’s the limit! Throughout the months of October/November I will be counting down my top 10 so stay tuned! I have already shared my #10 choice here, my #9 choice here, my #8 choice here, my #7 choice here, and my #6 choice here. My next selection on my Fictional Bucket List would be…


harry potter

I have been neglecting my fictional bucket list this month but it is time for it to make a return – and what better choice than being a pupil at Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and my girl Hermione? Despite all the death and destruction that seem to follow this merry trio around, I would still have loved to have gone to Hogwarts with them – it would never be boring anyway! Defence Against the Dark Arts sounds like the class I would find the most interesting and it would have a dream come true to receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter by owl *grabby hands*!



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