Hardest Vintage Books to Track Down

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Top 5 Hardest Vintage Books to Track Down

This week’s prompt is a freebie so I have decided to post about one of my favourite hobbies of recent years – vintage book collecting! I have spent the last eight or so years tracking down some of my favourite vintage books.

It started with me wanting to collect books I previously owned (and trying to match the same edition I used to have before I stupidly gave them all away) but it soon turned into something more.

I have made it a goal to try and collect certain books and series and there are a few that I have manged to complete in their entirety whilst some are proving much more elusive. 😭

Here are some that I have yet to obtain (at least, not the versions I am looking for…) and are up there on my ISO list:

hardest vintage books to track down

1. Slay Bells by Jo Gibson

This book is very rare and when it does go up it tends to fetch a pretty price (and get snapped up very quickly). I have been trying to get a physical copy for a few years now, unsuccessfully I might add! Maybe one day (though I tend to doubt it personally – it wasn’t released here in the UK which makes the chance of finding a copy even more difficult).

2. Everything is Not Enough by Sandy Asher

I have been collecting the Pan Horizons imprint for a few years now and I’ve managed to secure all but four (though I have ordered one of these four this week – fingers crossed it makes it to me!) This is probably the most difficult book to get. I’ve yet to even come across one in the wild or online, like at all… I may have a chance at the others but I think this one might be a lost cause.

3. Me and Luke by Audrey O’Hearn

This Pan Horizons title is super hard to find because there are newer editions that appear to have the same ISBN which makes it really difficult to search for the specific edition I am looking for. I’ve seen one or two copies but I would need to order from Europe and though the book itself isn’t too expensive, the postage is pretty steep. One day I might just snap a copy up though.

4. Those Summer Girls I Never Met by Richard Peck

Another Pan Horizons title (last one, I swear!) I have recently managed to track down a couple of copies online but they are on the pricey side (£30+) so I am not yet at the stage that I will put down that kind of money for a copy (maybe if it was the very last book to get…) I am hopeful one might go down in price so I do monitor them regularly just in case…

5. Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan

This is a slightly different scenario because I have several different editions of this book but the one I keep trying (and failing!) to track down is the one pictured above. I have been on the lookout for this edition for about five years now and so far nada… still, I’m nothing if not persistent so I will continue to keep an eye out and hope for the best!!


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