I am an INFP – Humanmetrics Jung Typology

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I am an INFP

I really love quizzes and tests like these. I studied Jung at university so this one was particularly interesting to me. Pretty apt result too!

Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test™ Your Type – INFP

Introvert (89%)  iNtuitive (50%)  Feeling (75%)  Perceiving (11)%
You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (89%)
You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (75%)
You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (11%)

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INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) is an abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to refer to one of sixteen personality types. The MBTI was developed from the work of prominent psychiatrist Carl G. Jung in his book Psychological Types. Jung proposed a psychological typology based on the theories of cognitive functions that he developed through his clinical observations.



According to Joe Butt:

“INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses. It’s as though they live at the edge of a looking-glass world where mundane objects come to life, where flora and fauna take on near-human qualities.

INFP children often exhibit this in a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ fashion, switching from reality to fantasy and back again. With few exceptions, it is the NF child who readily develops imaginary playmates (as with Anne of Green Gables’s “bookcase girlfriend”–her own reflection) and whose stuffed animals come to life like the Velveteen Rabbit and the Skin Horse.”



Famous INFP’s who are/were writers/poets/philosophers:

J.R.R. Tolkien, George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, Virginia Woolf, A. A. Milne, J.K. Rowling, Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, William Blake, Hans Christian Andersen, William Shakespeare, and Soeren Kierkegaard.


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