Joy of Reading in the Winter

Posted February 11, 2014 by Brin in Discussion Posts / 2 Comments

joy of reading in winter

Joy of Reading in the Winter

Well it was snowing here today. I hate the snow (even though it does look pretty). Still,  I do feel that winter is the perfect time to catch up on reading. Nothing I like better than curling up with a cup of coffee (or tea depending on my mood) with a great book. It is the perfect time of year to get snuggled up in a warm blanket and really lose yourself in the world of fiction.

Here are some of my favourite wintery reads:

winter reads

Winter is not my favourite season (I much prefer Autumn) but it is the perfect time to get lost in a book. As the weather is usually so miserable you don’t even have to feel guilty that you are basically shutting out the world and all your responsibilities!!

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2 responses to “Joy of Reading in the Winter

    • You do feel less guilty when the weather is miserable. In the summer when the weather is sunny (well as sunny as it gets in Scotland!!) I look outside and feel like I should be making the most of the nicer weather. In winter I feel no such qualms. 😉

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