Karina Halle Character Soul Mate?

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Just for Fun: what Karina Halle Character is your Soul Mate?

Camden McQueen from The Artists Trilogy

Your ideal soulmate is Camden McQueen! Ding, ding, ding! You’ve just won the soulmate lottery. Camden is a tortured soul who wears his heart on sleeve and has a touch trigger temper but makes up for his faults with his unflappable loyalty. Camden is the man you want on your team for life and it certainly doesn’t hurt that this muscular god of a man is a walking work of art with his tats and piercings. Note: hope you like your steaks burnt.
To take the quiz, click HERE
Want to find romance in the Thin Veil with Dex? Get tatted with Camden? Go tracking with Jake? Explore Nola with Max? Hitch a ride on tour with Sage? Or would you rather burn down the city with Javier? Find out what Karina Halle character you are destined to be with!

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