LGBT books I have bought this week…

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LGBT Month is hosted by Laura @ Laura Plus Books and Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer.  It runs throughout the month of April and it’s here to celebrate LGBT+ readers, LGBT+ authors and of course LGBT+ books.

LGBT books I have bought this week…

I admit it – I have a big problem. I am addicted to buying books (and requesting ARC’s but I will not go into that here!!). I have bought a ton of books this week – rather a few with LGBT themes/characters. I really need to stop with the excessive book-buying but I just can’t seem to help myself.

As part of LGBT Month, I thought I would share what I have added to my shelf this week alone (all on kindle – my already over-stuffed bookshelves would have been groaning with any extra weight!). Thanks for all the recommendations to everyone that commented on my previous post LGBT in the UK – I have already bought a couple and am presently eyeing up even more!


Here is what I have purchased this week:

aftermath  amelia  andy squared

brother's keeper  brother's keeper 2  brother's keeper 3

grasshopper  jody baerton  will grayson

teenage rewrite  tell the wolves


I just bought another book!

golden boy

What LGBT books have you added to your shelves this week?


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4 responses to “LGBT books I have bought this week…

  1. Good stuff! I am very fond of WGWG, Tell the Wolves, and Reconstructing Amelia. The Jody Barton cover is very cute! Happy reading 🙂

    • I have been wanting to buy WGWG for ages so finally caved lol. 😉 Tell the Wolves and Reconstructing Amelia both look fab and I am really looking forward to the other books as well – I have gone a bit mad this week!! 😀

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