Top Ten Bookish Things…I MUST have!

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top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Bookish Things (Merchandise) I’d Like To Own

I love looking at all kinds of bookish merchandise and I really need to treat myself at some point. Bookish merchandise is just so fun and great for jazzing up your bookshelves!

bookish things 1

1. Disappearing Cheshire Cat Mug

I think this is so awesome! I would love to have one of these – sadly I think it is now out of stock. Here is a link to where this used to be sold here. I do love bookish mugs – there are so many cool designs.

2. Vintage World Globe Wood Base Book End Set

These are amazing! Found on Etsy here. I love globes anyways but globes as book ends? Absolute genius! Definitely need to see about getting myself a pair…

bookish things 2

3. Doctor Who – BBC Sherlock – Loki – Tony Stark – Harry Potter – Captain America – BBC Merlin – Will Graham bookmark

I am not much of a Doctor Who fan but the rest of these are beyond amazing. Found on Etsy here. I love bookmarks and really don’t have enough of them so will most certainly be checking these out.

4. Lord of the Rings keyring

I love keyrings! I am a Tolkien fan so this one in particular stood out but there are other really cute ones here. So much goodness! I am really holding myself back here…

bookish things 3

5. Arwen Evenstar Sterling Silver Pendant

Even more LotR stuff! Found on Amazon here. I love all kinds of Tolkien merchandise but this one really stands out to me – it’s just so pretty!

6. Story Book Necklace – Cinderella

I adore these incredibly cute necklaces – there are many to choose from but I like this one in particular! Found on Etsy here. I definitely will need to look into getting one (or more!) of these…

7. Pandora Fairy Tales Book Charm

I love getting new charms for my Pandora charm bracelet and this one is really super-sweet! Found here. I love charm bracelets and my Pandora one is my favourite so this cute little charm is definitely one I would like to get.

bookish things 4

8. Watchmen Minimates

I am addicted to all things Watchmen and these are so funky! Found here. I particularly like the little Rorschach – he’s just too adorable (and nothing like the actual Rorschach!)

9. I heart Adrian T-Shirt

Need I say any more? Love me some Adrian Ivashkov! Found here. I am a huge Vampire Academy fan and there really isn’t enough merchandise for this series…

bookish things 5

10. Pop Heroes – Daenerys Targaryen & Viserion

How cool are these – must have!! Found here & here. I pretty much love all of the Funko’s I own so these are definitely ones I love to add to my collection!


You may have noticed from the above list that I tend to favour jewellery and collectibles!

What are your top ten bookish things?

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20 responses to “Top Ten Bookish Things…I MUST have!

  1. thebookheap

    That Cheshire cat mug is awesome! I totally forgot about those ones. I want the HP Marauders map mug!

  2. I love the keyring, bit of a LoTR fan as well – looking at everyone’s lists makes me realise how very easy I would be to buy Xmas presents for – I should start dropping hints maybe!
    Bookmarks – it doesn’t matter how cool they are, they could be made of solid gold even – I just lose em, or take them back with library books! To be fair, I’ve also gained a few bookmarks through library books!
    Lynn 😀

    • Can’t go wrong with LotR! Lol I am the same – I just love bookish stuff no matter what! 😉

      I am the same with bookmarks – I rarely manage to keep ahold of them for very long – they just disappear! I read mainly on kindle now too.

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