Listening to Today: Tegan and Sara

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Music I Have Been Listening to Today: Tegan and Sara

I have been playing this song on endless repeat (via my computer – it’s not actually out until February 10 2014). I am a huge Tegan and Sara fan anyway but I think their latest song is just fantastic!

This song is from the upcoming film Endless Love (a remake of the film of the same name released in 1981 and directed by Franco Zeffirelli). This new version is directed by Shana Feste. It is loosely book-related as it is based on the novel by Scott Spencer but I have never read the book (or seen the original film to be honest – and I consider myself a film buff!). Not so sure how much I fancy seeing the film but the soundtrack looks really good so I will likely be purchasing that (even to just get Don’t Find Another Love).

TeganandSarainHamburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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