My Ten Most Recent Reads

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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme previously hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

My Ten Most Recent Reads

The title says it all really, this week’s prompt is to list the last ten books read and say a little about each book. I actually had to update my Goodreads anyway (gotten so far behind with updating my ‘read’ books) so this one worked out perfectly for me!

last ten books read

1. Touch the Sky by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

This book I’d actually bought way back in 2016 but Amazon accidently re-funded it when I had to return another title that I bought the same day. I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t re-bought it until recently. It was a sweet read – I love second-chance romance stories (especially when they never really get off the ground the first go-around).

2. Chase the Sun by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

The follow-up book is even better than the first book! I love the protagonists and their romance was very sweet and touching. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Paint the Stars by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

The third book in the Free Fall series is also a fantastic read, very poignant and slow-burn which totally worked for the characters. i would highly recommend this book (and series).

4. Living Out Loud by Nyrae Dawn & Christina Lee

This book is the quasi-fourth book in the Free Fall series. By that, I mean it is a follow-on with a character that briefly appeared in Paint the Stars but it has a new setting and the love interest is actually a formerly minor character from A Hundred Thousand Words by Nyrae Dawn. It was definitely a solid read.

5. Fandom by Eden Finley

I was really looking forward to this one (despite the fact that I knew little to nothing about the protagonists Denver and Mason). I wasn’t disappointed – it is my favourite book in the Famous series (so far anyway!)

last ten books read

6. Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne

I adored The Hating Game and fairly enjoyed 99 Percent Mine by the same author so I was really excited for this one. It didn’t quite meet the highs of The Hating Game but I enjoyed it more than 99 Percent Mine. The romance was very charming and the characters were quirky and fun.

7. All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata knocks it out of the park yet again! This story is very much in line with her other works – super slow-burn romance that ticks of of my boxes with really awesome characters. The setting is also like a character itself – I really want to live in this stunning mountain town!

8. Hunt the Fae by Natalia Jaster

Definitely a contender for top read of the year – this book had everything I love and expect from a Natalia Jaster book. The characters were incredible and the romance was scorching and slow to build but so worth the wait.

9. Feathered by Annabeth Albert

This was a cute read and fluffy read. The romance was very cute and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series (it’s set in a shared world with many authors contributing).

10. Unbroken Promises by Nikki Ash

This book is so sad (I didn’t cry but I’m pretty much stone-hearted these days!) It was a really hard-hitting and emotional read and although I had an inkling where the story was going, it still came as quite a shock. Loved the characters and the romance was swoon-worthy.

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