Nostalgic Book Boyfriends

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today’s topic is: Nostalgic Book Boyfriends

This week’s Top 5 topic ‘Nostalgic Book Boyfriends’ is so up my street it’s almost scary! I love to get all nostalgic about my favourite reads and it was fun casting my mind back to book boyfriends of yesteryear! An earlier post I did covers my more recent choices.

legolas greenleaf book boyfriends

I had the biggest crush on Legolas when I was younger! Loved the book version, the cartoon version and also the film version (even though Orlando Bloom didn’t initially catch my interest). Who wouldn’t love a handsome and noble elf? Legolas was definitely one of my first, if not my very first, book boyfriends.

Funny story, I always loved the voice actor who did the voice for Legolas in the Ralph Bakshi cartoon but imagine my consternation when I found out it was C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels! There’s an image I will never unsee!

edmund pevensie book boyfriends

Confession time: I loved Edmund even when he was a snivelling little weasel. There was just something about him that I related to and I liked that he made mistakes (huge mistakes) and learned from them.

gilbert blythe book boyfriends

Sigh… is there any boy who could match up to Gilbert Blythe? Honestly, hair-pulling aside, he really is the perfect fictional boyfriend and I still love him to this day. I really loved Jonathan Crombie in the television adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (still gutted about his passing a couple of years ago). 😢

michael olson book boyfriends

One of the main characters from Christopher Pike’s Final Friends trilogy. Michael was sweet and unsure. Clever and awkward. I totally loved him!

whit moroso book boyfriends

Lastly, Whit Moroso is a character from Caroline B. Cooney’s Don’t Blame the Music. It’s one of her lesser-known books so Whit doesn’t get much love but I absolutely adored him. He was the quintessential tough boy with a secret heart of gold.

legolas greenleaf book boyfriends gif

Well, this was a fun trip down memory lane! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.

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