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stacking the shelves bookish haul

Stacking the Shelves – a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality

what’s the buzz: weekly round-up and book haul

I was back at work this week so you may have noticed my blogging backslid a bit! I was super-busy though so didn’t really have a lot of time for much else.

I did go and see Spiderman: Far From Home on Thursday – which I really enjoyed for the most part. I’ve also started watching Stranger Things season 3 so it’s on the up and up! 😉

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weekly bookish purchases

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones | The Tricksters by Margaret Mahy

I have been meaning to buy Shadowsong for absolutely ages so when I saw it for £3.00 on Amazon for the paperback I knew I had to snap it up! I also got The Tricksters in last month’s Prudence and the Crow box (but forgot to include it in last week’s post – oops!)

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Goodbye Paradise by Sarina Bowen | Hello Forever by Sarina Bowen | Inside Darkness by Hudson Lin | Good Boy by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

I am really looking forward to reading Goodbye Paradise and Hello Forever – they both look so good! I was also super-happy to pick up Good Boy for £0.99 on Kindle (after looking at it and considering buying it full price – but I didn’t and the next day it was down in price – love it when that happens!)

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau-Preto | Forgotten Bones by Vivian Barz | What You Did by Claire McGowan | We Need to Talk about Keven by Lionel Shriver

Crown of Feathers was a book I’ve had in my wish list for ages and I nearly bought it last week. Good job I didn’t because it too was down in price this week! Naturally, I snapped it up. I also got Forgotten Bones and What You Did via Amazon First Reads and We Need to Talk aout Kevin was one of the deals of the day today.


stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Call of the Herland by Brian Rathbone | Inherited Danger by Brian Rathbone | Darkness Reigns by Jill Williamson | Water Under the Bridge by Britney King

I usually just list any freebies under books purchased but I thought people may be interested in the free books I’ve found over the last week (most, if not all, are still discounted to nil at the moment).

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Lord Reginald by Mary Kingswood | Lord Humphrey by Mary Kingswood | Lord Augustus by Mary Kingswood | The Daemoniac by Kat Ross

I don’t normally read Regency novels but I thought it was time to kick myself out of my comfort zone and try something a little bit different. All of these books by Mary Kingswood were free in a bind-up.

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Schooled by Piper Lawson | Good Girl by Piper Lawson | The Hazards of Skinny Dipping by Alyssa Rose Ivy | Game Saver by B.J. Harvey

These certainly are steamy-looking covers! I’m rather enjoying contemporary romance right now so I’m looking forward to diving into these…

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Tall, Tatted and Tempting by Tammy Falkner | Flying by the Seat of my Knickers by Eliza Watson | Wild Irish Heart by Tricia O’Malley | Yesterday is Gone by H.J. Bellus

A bit of steam and cozy romance on offer here. I’m very much looking forward to starting Wild Irish Heart – it kinda reminds me a little of that film Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode… can only be a good thing! 😛

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

The Book Ninja by Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus | Protector by Avery Ford | Gingerbread by Avery Ford | A Marriage Resolution by Avery Ford

Some more freebies – I am really loving the sound of The Book Ninja – it certainly seems to be a me-book that’s for sure!

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Scars by Avery Ford | Slander by Avery Ford | Secrets by Avery Ford | Summer Heat by Alexis Anne

Lots of shirtless men here (ahem). Not that I mind at all… Seriously though, I’m rather excited to read these books.

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Love Me by Bronwen Evans | Tin Men by Linda Coles | Falling for You by Leeanna Morgan | The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin

I am really intrigued by The Birthday Girl – it sounds like a totally enthralling and gripping read. I think this one is going to be read sooner rather than later for sure…

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith | Vampire Shift & Vampire Wake by Tim O’Rourke | The Girl Who Sees by Dima Zales | Crescent Calling by Nicole R. Taylor

I love how these books look together – the purple and blue fits the theme very well! I’m always about the aesthetics lol.

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Reign of Queens by Melissa Wright | Hidden in the Reed’s Home by Brian Declan | Fractured by Elle Charles | Mindguard by Andrei Cherascu

Reign of Queens is still a good deal because it’s three books in one volume – all series starters so I better get cracking!

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

The Ice Maiden by B.D. Smith | Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton | Nashville Heat by Bethany Michaels | Him by Carey Heywood

Again, I am loving the colours on these covers – they go really well with the theme I’ve got going here and they all sound like excellent reads too.

received for review

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

Coral by Sara Ella | Master of Restless Shadows by Ginn Hale | Songs of the Lost Islands by C.A. Oliver | Trifles and Folly by Gail Z. Martin

I am so stocked to have an ARC of Master of Restless Shadows! I adore Ginn Hale’s writing and this is a follow-on from my favourite series’ of her’s Lord of the White Hell and Champion of the Scarlett Wolf! I cannot wait to read this! I am also really intriued by Songs of the Lost Islands… any Dragon age fans out there? Don’t you think the dude on the cover looks a lot like Solas? 🧐

stacking the shelves book haul week 168

#NotReadyToDie by Cate Carlyle | Adaptively Radiant by Joseph E. Henning | Lily’s Just Fine by Gill Stewart | Her Sister’s Secret by E.V. Seymour

Lastly, finishing off this week’s haul is another couple of ARC’s that I’m really excited to read. #NotReadyToDie sounds harrowing and I am very much looking forward to reading Lily’s Just Fine too.

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  1. I also started watching Stranger Things season 3 with my boyfriend… but he fell asleep within the first 5 minutes… And they he tried to watch it again. Fell asleep 10 minutes before the end. I’m about to continue without him, lol!

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