Ten Facts About Me

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top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Ten Facts About Me

Eh, I’m not really all that great at talking about myself (I either babble on too much or completely clam up) so this is kinda painful for me. However, I will soldier through somehow… 😉

Fact 1

My favourite colours are purple and turquoise (although not together – that would look odd).

Fact 2

I am allergic to nickel. I blame years of wearing earrings for that (apparently that is how most nickel allergies develop). I wear multiple earrings (I have three holes in one ear and four in the other) but I have had to switch to titanium posts for the most part although I can get away with wearing surgical steel, silver, or gold for a couple of hours. I also used to have my nose pierced when I was a teen though I long ago let that close up.

Fact 3

I am a vegetarian. I have been one since I was twelve years old and doubt very much I would ever be able to revert back to being a meat-eater again. I have never been able to go full-on vegan though – I am far too addicted to cheese (and chocolate!) for that despite my slight dairy intolerance. 😉

Fact 4

I used to love drawing and painting but I had an art teacher in high school who really put me off. She was very critical (and not in a constructive way) and because I was very sensitive (i.e. very insecure) she really got under my skin about any talent I may have had and I kind-of lost my way with it. I quite often want to try my hand (heh) at it again.

Fact 5

I love cocktails. If I go out with friends I always prefer to opt for a nice fruity cocktail (alcohol or otherwise). I realized a few years back that I am just not really into the taste of alcohol at all and I have never been the type to drink just to get drunk. Most of the time I don’t even opt for an alcoholic version anymore (unless it’s a Peach Bellini – love those). 😀

cocktail gif facts

Fact 6

I love true crime shows and documentaries, especially those about serial killers. I am just fascinated by the psychology of it all.

Fact 7

I wear glasses, not because I have terrible vision – far from it! – but because I unfortunately have a squint. It isn’t noticeable at all (even without my glasses) but it does give me a certain degree of eye strain. I have worn glasses since I was five years old and used to get teased mercilessly about them but these days I am proud of my specs and my ‘four eyes’!!

Fact 8

I am a huge Star Trek fan. My favourite series was Deep Space Nine – I just love the Cardassians – I just find them so fascinating.

Fact 9

I have naturally curly hair but I nearly always straighten it (you always want what you don’t have).

Fact 10

I regularly dream about zombies. I seem to have very vivid dreams about being caught up in a zombie apocalypse. Funnily enough, one of my favourite shows is The Walking Dead (or maybe I just have a thing for Daryl Dixon). 😉

daryl dixon gif facts

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4 responses to “Ten Facts About Me

  1. I love cocktails too! I tend to go for anything pink/red colored as they normally have some kind of a berry juice in them and I LOVE berries. Like you I’m happy to have mine with or without alcohol, as long as it tastes YUMMY!
    My favourite colour is Purple too! 🙂
    My hair is also naturally curly, but not a nice curly, it’s like a massive frizzy mess of curls which I can’t wear in any way other than in a bobble. I much prefer my hair straight too, it’s so much easier to manage 🙂

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