Unpopular Bookish Opinions

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Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Crikey, it’s been a while since my last Top Ten Tuesday post eh? I’ve been so bad at keeping up with everything lately (which is really no excuse). I am determined to get back in the swing of things though and this topic looks like a good place to start! This could be a good way to bring my bitchy mcbitch side out haha! 😀

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses is overrated

unpopular bookish opinions

Granted, I did enjoy it while I was reading it and it definitely kept me entertained but I do not think it is the be all and end all. Just my opinion though – I get that some people really do love the series and it’s not like I dislike it or Sarah J. Maas’ writing at all. It’s just not one of my favourites.

2. I don’t like Rhysand very much

unpopular bookish opinions

This one might just get me flogged to death but I actually think Rhysand is a bit of a dick. Yes, he’s good-looking (and charming when he wants to be) but I find him manipulative and don’t really like how he treats people out-with his inner circle. Yes, Tamlin can absolutely be a tool (and then some) but I honestly don’t think Rhys is much of a step up and I am starting to get the opinion that I just might not like Maas’ heroes all that much (although I do love Lucien, Cassian and Azriel so I could just be jumping the gun a bit…)

3. I actually love sad endings

unpopular bookish opinions

I’m a bit odd in that I actually don’t mind at all when books end on a sad note or things don’t quite go the way you would expect. I don’t know if it is a result of my love for all things Robin Hobb (whose endings tend to veer on the sad/angsty/soul-crushing side) but I rather like when things don’t end happily or all tied up with a big bow. Granted, the end of Fool’s Fate left me absolutely bereft (I was pretty much inconsolable) but the end of the final Fitz and the Fool trilogy, while sad, actually left me feeling quite satisfied.

4. I prefer paperbacks

unpopular bookish opinions

I love the look of hardbacks on my shelves but I much pretty much prefer holding a paperback in my hands. It’s lighter, more comfortable to hold, and I don’t mind if they get damaged as much as I do with hardbacks. Don’t get me wrong – I hate damaging my books! I don’t dog-ear, crease spines, fold back covers – any of that. But I don’t tend to worry about damaging paperbacks as much.

5. Some books work better as standalones

unpopular bookish opinions

I love a series – I really do – but sometimes a cohesive story is better told in a single volume rather than being diluted across multiple books. The story is tighter, it doesn’t meander on quite as much, and there is far less in the way of filler. Standalone books are awesome!

6. I enjoy problematic characters

unpopular bookish opinions

This is a bit of a sticky topic at the best of times (and please don’t take offence at this) but I sometimes feel people get all up in arms unnecessarily over problematic characters and/or situations in books. I get that people get triggered (and normalizing abuse/toxicity of any kind is never okay) but I like to separate fiction from reality. I totally understand not promoting unhealthy relationships etc. in young adult books (though sometimes I feel people don’t give teens enough credit) and I probably wouldn’t want certain characters around in my everyday-life but I am fine with reading about them. Crappy people exist and I think fiction should reflect that.

7. I dislike cancel culture

unpopular bookish opinions

Leading on from the above, I also don’t really understand cancel culture. It seems too many people jump on the bandwagon when people decide to block/unfollow authors or even other bloggers. I am not saying that people are not justified in doing so (I have a time or two myself) but it seems like people just follow popular voices in the blogosphere and don’t take the time to make their own mind up or even fully look into a situation before deeming someone cancelled.

8. I abhor deckled edges

unpopular bookish opinions

I’m not even sure just how unpopular this opinion is but… gah!! Deckled edges are the worst! I remember years back before I even knew they were a thing, I bought a book several times online and returned it each time thinking there was something wrong with the binding. Nope. The book had deckled edges. I felt a bit mortified later on when I realized but I’m not sorry I returned the book (ended up with the eBook instead!)

9. I’m generous with ratings

unpopular bookish opinions

I’m not one of these people who rates a book lower to be edgy or whatever. If I like a book, then it’s going to get a reasonably high rating from me. I have many four star reads (I am a bit choosier with five stars, to be fair). I even think a three star is a pretty good rating. I very rarely rate a book two stars and I almost never rate books one star (I don’t force myself to finish books I’m not enjoying). It’s perfectly fine to DNF a book.

10. I have Special Edition and B/S/T fatigue

unpopular bookish opinions

Now, I actually do love owning different editions of books (I especially love vintage editions) but I think the special edition trend is going a little too far. All these different editions (sprayed edges/different covers etc.) are all pretty cool but it is turning into a bit of a meat market. All of these B/S/T groups that are popping up all over Facebook actually scare me with some of their prices. It’s gotten to the point people are buying special edition books just to sell that are ridiculously high markups. I don’t object to people selling books/merch they don’t want at all (after all, someone else could get the use out of them) but it is getting out of control.

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4 responses to “Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  1. lydiaschoch

    I like sad endings, too, so long as that’s what the story requires. (I feel the same way about happy endings, too! Just do what the plot needs either way).

    My TTT.

  2. Theoretically, I agree with you about standalones. I would much rather have a precise all wrapped up single book, than a long drawn out story with “fluff” thrown in in order for it to span three books. But at the same time Uprooted gave me a HUGE book hangover because I needed more! I wasn’t ready for it to end 🙁

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