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chocolate book tag

No one specifically tagged me for The Chocolate Book Tag but many of my favourite bloggers have been doing this and it looked really fun.

The Chocolate Book Tag

A blog I frequently visit littleonionwrites (go check this blog out because it is freakin’ awesome!) tagged everyone who wished to do this tag here. Since I love procrastinating about my favourite books (and I have no shame!) I thought to myself: why not? Here are my answers!

Dark Chocolate: A Book that covers a dark topic

dark chocolate - faking normal

This was not an easy book to read. The main character Alexi is keeping a secret. Something happened to her over summer vacation. Something that changed her life. This secret is tearing her apart.

Bodie is a kid with a lot of troubles. His mother has recently been murdered by his father. He is a loner, a freak – and the only person Alexi can talk to.

This book is full of painful subjects like assault, bullying, and self-harm. It also deals with it in a realistic and sensitive way. It is heart-breaking but also very moving. The characters get under your skin and you cannot help but root for them. It is a stunning debut from Courtney C. Stevens.

White Chocolate: Your favourite light-hearted / humorous read?

white chocolate - anna and the french kiss

Anna and The French Kiss is the epitome of a light, fluffy, and humorous read. It is the story of an American girl called Anna who is sent to an exclusive Parisian school in her senior year. It is there Anna meets the charming Étienne St. Clair who may just be her perfect match. The only problem is – he already has a serious girlfriend.

The story follows Anna throughout the year as she gets both closer and further away from Étienne. It is a really lovely story – not too deep but very sweet and enjoyable.

Milk Chocolate: A book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read

milk chocolate - cruel beauty

I have been seeing this book pop up a lot on other blogs and I am really intrigued. I love fairy tale retellings and I am a particular fan of Beauty and the Beast. The story looks like it is similar enough to the original tale but with a fresh and interesting spin which only makes me all the more excited to read it.

This book looks like it could be a really great read and reviews are very favourable so I am really keen to buy this.

Chocolate with a Caramel Centre: Name a book that made you feel all gooey in the middle while reading

caramel - falling from the sky

 This book was such a cute read. It is the story about a boy called Ridge McCoy who has recently lost his father in a plane crash. For the summer, Ridge goes away to basketball camp where he meets Micah Youngblood, a young man who runs the carousel at the local mall.

The friendship that springs up between the boys soon begins to turn into something more, a fact which takes Ridge completely by surprise as he had always believed himself to be 100% straight.

This book is adorable. I liked Ridge a lot but it was Micah that really stole my heart in a big way. He was just super-sweet and had me melting into a puddle on the floor. I absolutely loved him and his relationship with Ridge was really sweet and (yes) gooey!

Wafer Free Kit Kat: Name a book that surprised you lately

kit kat - tabula rasa

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this book but it really surprised me (in a good way). The blurb was really interesting – it was described as a cross between The Bourne Identity and Divergent. It sounded great but I have been burned by books before so I kept my expectations low.

These expectations were absolutely shattered by this book. It was exciting, tense, and ultimately a really fascinating read from beginning to end.

It was an ARC so my review is not yet up (it will be up closer to the release date in September) but I would highly recommend this thrilling debut novel to anyone who loves a good thriller and/or dystopian settings.

Snickers: A book that you are going nuts about

snickers - ari and dante

I have raved about this book to absolutely anyone who will listen to me. It really has had a profound affect on me and I can say with some certainty that this will be a book I re-read many times.

It is my favourite read of the year so far (and believe me I have read a lot of really good books) – it is really something special. If you haven’t read it yet – do so at your earliest opportunity. You will not regret it!

Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows: what book would you turn to for a comfort read?

marshmallow - watership down

I have so many books that would fall into this category but one book that has stuck with me, from childhood right up until the present, is Watership Down.

I have read this book so many times I have lost count. It is not a book that one would normally associate with being a comfort read given the subject matter it covers (it may be about rabbits but it covers many things from genocide to dictatorship and military regime) but is has been a favourite of mine for so long it has always been of great comfort to me in hard times.

Box of Chocolates: what series have you read that you feel has a little something for everyone?

box of chocolates - raven cycle

It is no secret on this blog that I have become a total Maggie Stiefvater fangirl. I have become addicted to her writing and my favourite series is The Raven Cycle. It is one that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of what genres they usually prefer. It. Is. Just. That. Good.


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7 responses to “The Chocolate Book Tag

  1. Yay for Anna and the French Kiss! I love that book 😀 Soooo excited for Isla 😀 I’ve also been meaning to read Aristotle and Dante for so long. It’s on the TBR! But I’ve seen you rave about it on your blog a few times, haha! Perhaps I’ll look for it at the library today 😀

    • Anna and the French Kiss is a great book – one of my favourites!

      Lol – yeah I was really impressed by Aristotle and Dante – I may have mentioned it a time or two! 😉

  2. Very interesting list, Brin! Chocolate and books don’t seem to have much in common, besides that people will do anything to get their hands on a good one. These books sound like great reads. How hard was it to pick only one for each flavor?

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