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anything but books tag

This Tag was originally created by Katie from ReadorRot

Anything But Books Tag

It has been quite some time since I did a Tag post! I used to love doing these (and pretty much never waited to be tagged by anyone either – I’m such a rebel lol). I came across the Anything but Books Tag on Emma’s Chapter and thought it sounded like fun so here we are!

Name A Cartoon Character That You Love

shera giff

It’s been such a long time since I watched cartoons but I remember loving the original Shera (like, a whole lot – I had all the dolls and everything!) I keep meaning to check out the new rebooted series – I’ve heard great things!

What Is Your Favourite Song Right Now

I love this song anyway but this version has been making its way onto most of my playlists lately. It’s just such a great version… the stripped down acoustics are just so beautiful. Haunting really.

What Could You Do For Hours (That Isn’t Reading)

Definitely playing video games – I spend a lot of my spare time gaming. Mainly playing RPG’s but I like to branch out into other genres now and again too. The above video is from one of my (many) playthroughs of The Technomancer (a vastly underrated game, if I do say so myself). 😉

What Is Something You Love To Do That Your Followers Would Be Surprised By

Erm, not really sure how to answer this one… I’m actually pretty boring really. I do really love watching documentaries about true crime and serial killers. I find it all really fascinating from a psychological point of view. I have several cases that I follow pretty closely: the Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist also known as the Golden State Killer (I was so happy when he was finally caught!), the Delphi Murders… those that haven’t been solved yet I would love for the families to finally get justice.

What is your favourite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

I love reading about the occult, ghosts and mysterious cryptids such as wendigos and skinwalkers. I spend a lot of time on the various subreddits. I find it all fascinating (whether I believe for sure or not – the jury’s still out – but it’s interesting to read about).

What Is Something Unusual You Know How to Do

I used to play the cello when I was younger – does that count? 😉 Apart from that I can’t really think of anything. I also have an amazing memory for movie trivia (and pretty much nothing else haha!)

Name something you’ve made in the last year (and show us if you can)!

I’m not the most arty/crafty person (despite loving art when I was a youngster) so there really isn’t anything I have made that I could show off…

What Is Your Most Recent Personal Project

I don’t have a lot of time for personal projects so this blog is probably the closest I would get to one. I definitely put the most work into my blog outside of my job.

Tell Us Something You Think About Often (Maybe While Staring Out of Windows)

I am the world’s biggest procrastinator and I am very bad for daydreaming constantly (I work very hard not to). I make up stories in my head all the time too (yet never put pen to paper).

Give us something that is your favourite, but make it something oddly specific

I love food and definitely have a sweet tooth – my favourite flavour of all is vanilla (especially vanilla ice cream – yum!) I love the smell, the taste, everything about it really.

Say The First Thing That Pops Into Your Head

Yeah, I’m totally thinking of ice cream haha! It’s so hot right now (heatwave time!) and ice cream would fair go down a treat right about now… 😀

vanilla ice cream

If anyone want’s to do this tag – considered yourself tagged!

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  1. Yeah, I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts or not but they are super interested to learn about. I also love watching documentaries about serial killers, I think I like finding out their motives because I find it so hard to believe another human could do some of the things they do!

    Great tag! xo

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