Things I Enjoy At Halloween

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Things I Enjoy At Halloween

I wracked my brain for ages to come up with a theme for this week’s Halloween freebie. I think I’ve pretty much covered it all before; from favourite horror reads, movies, etc. So, I instead decided to do a post on things I enjoy at Halloween which is just going to be a general post on what activities I personally enjoy during this spooky time!

1. Reading a spooky book

This one goes without saying! I don’t read as much horror as I used to but I try to find something appropriately spooky around Halloween time. This year, I’m either going to re-read the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle (in preparation for the new book – woohoo!!) or check out one of the newly re-released Ruby Jean Jensen books (I used to love her books as a teen!)

2. Watching Halloween-themed movies

Particularly Halloween by John Carpenter but anything spooky will do. I love horror films – always have, always will, so getting an excuse to watch as many as I please? Sign me up!!

3. Pumpkins

I love pumpkins: carving them, eating them, drinking them (Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are my favourite Starbucks drink ever!) I also enjoy pumpkin decorations and ornaments (I have have loads of pumpkins dotted around my house at this time of year).


4. Remembering River Phoenix

This is a strange one but I was a huge River Phoenix fan as a tween and was devastated when he died on October 31st 1993. It was my first real celebrity death (of someone whose work I really enjoyed anyway) and I had a huge crush so it was a real blow. I like to try and watch one of his films at this time of year in remembrance.

5. Halloween costumes

No, I don’t go guising (or trick or treating for you non-Scottish folks!) but I do love a good Halloween costume even though I very rarely get the chance to dress up myself these days. I remember winning the prize for best costume at my dance school and primary school one year – my older cousins dressed me up as a punk (and I remember wearing as a necklace a piece of burnt toast with a bite out of it haha!)

6. Dookin’ for apples

C’mon, everyone did this at school right? (I think everywhere else called it bobbing for apples but I’m Scottish and we like to be different!) Getting your face slammed into the water by some wee arsehole was a rite of passage. I remember them changing it up by having you put a fork in your mouth and dropping it into the water (hopefully snaring an apple on its descent). Good times… 😛


7. Eating Halloween confectionary

I love to eat and anything sweet is my jam so of course I like the chance to binge out on sweeties and chocolate (and cookies and cake and well, you get the idea!) I’m a bit limited now having gone vegan about 2 years ago but goddammit I will find vegan-friendly Halloween goodies if it kills me!!

8. Halloween crafts

I don’t have kids but that doesn’t mean I can’t whip out the old arts and crafts kit and make me some homemade Halloween decorations! I always did love getting out my glue gun and making a mess! 😀

9. Ghost walks

I love to be scared and ghost walks are the perfect way to get your blood pumping! My favourite so far has been Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh though at some point I want to go on the Greyfriars tour as well. Not that I’ll be doing anything of the kind this year but hopefully at some point in the future things will settle down again.


10. Watching spooky television shows

I admit, I used to be a sucker for programmes like Most Haunted (though can barely watch them now – far too theatrical) but I do still enjoy a good spooky drama. Just finished watching The Haunting of Bly Manor which was pretty good. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness is up next!

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