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Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey @ GingerReadsLainey on Youtube.

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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey. You get a new topic every Wednesday, and you then list your Top 5 books related to the particular topic.

Today’s Topic is: Favourite Fandoms

I frakking LOVE this topic! I have been in various fandoms over the years. I am more of a lurker than an active participant but that doesn’t mean I don’t fly my freak flag proudly!! 😉

It’s actually really hard trying to narrow these down to just five but I will do my best.

1. Tolkien Fandom

For fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth saga. I consider Lord of the Rings to be my favourite book of all-time. I first read it when I was nine and it has had a massive impact on me. I also love the movies. I am not an aficionado by any means but I still consider myself a massive fan.


2. Browncoats

This is the name given to the fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I used to be fairly active (was a member of the main forum and everything) but over the years I have taken a step back from the fandom although I am still a fan of the series and it’s follow-up movie Serenity.


3. Trekkie/Trekker

The actual name fans give themselves can actually get pretty contentious (whether someone considers themselves a trekkie or trekker) but I just consider myself a fan. I loved the Original Star Trek series and movies as a kid (still do!) and The Next Generation was the show I grew up with. I absolutely adore Deep Space Nine (Niner for life!!) and enjoy Voyager and Enterprise a lot too. I even love the rebooted movies (which some fans may consider sacrilege).

giphy (1)

4. Star Wars Fandom

It was my older cousin who got me into Star Wars as a child and I still consider myself a huge fan of the whole saga. I spent more time than I would care to admit reading all of the Extended Universe novels too (no longer canon but still really enjoyable). I absolutely loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens so I don’t see myself leaving the fandom anytime soon.


5. BioWare Fandom

Last, but by no means least, I consider myself a BioWare fan for life. I haven’t played every single one of their games (I’vr never played Baldur’s Gate for example) but I have come pretty darn close. I got hooked in by Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and never looked back.

I have been a member of the BioWare boards for a long time (the original and now defunct board I actually signed up for in 2003 which is really scary!) and even when I stray away from the games (which does happen now and again) I always come back more of a fan than ever. BioWare games have gotten me through some tough times and will always be special to me for that.


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6 responses to “Favourite Fandoms

  1. Loved reading about your fandoms! I’m 100% with you on the first 3! Although I do like Star Wars – I’m just not a mega fan. I also prefer Trekkie to Trekker but I feel like I’m so new to the fandom, I’m not that attached to one word. I wish I had watched TNG when I was growing up – it would have been lovely to be obsessed with the show when I was younger. 🙂

    • Brin

      Thanks for checking out my fandoms post! I tend to get obsessive over things so I love chatting with like-minded folks lol.

      I prefer the term Trekkie also – it just sounds nicer! It was awesome to grow up with TNG – my cousin used to record it off Sky TV for me because we didn’t have it. She would come down with armloads of VHS tapes (remember those?) and we would all binge-watch it (my cousin, my mum and myself). I have loads of fond memories. 🙂

  2. A huge yes to Firefly and Star Trek. Even though I liked Serenity, I’m choosing to ignore that the last bit since I refuse to acknowledge what happened to Wash. I also like the Star Trek reboot (at least the first movie). I haven’t gotten around to watching Into Darkness yet.

    And I’m with you, I’m a lurker in fandoms. 😛

    • Brin

      Lol, I know what you mean. I just need to hear the words ‘I’m a leaf on the wind’ and I instantly get all the feels. Wash was my favourite character so the movie was a downer for me too.

      Haha, I’m a total lurker. I never used to feel confident enough to fully emerge myself into a fandom. That’s why I love blogging – I get to fangirl and have conversations with folks who share my interests. ‘Tis awesome!!

  3. I get SO excited over Star Wars its ridiculous, the theme tune puts me in an instant good mood! Have you read some fanfiction? (not the weird and awkward stuff) They’re so much fun to read, and I basically fan girl over wanting to be a fighter pilot :’)

    Fun post 😀

    I’ve recently posted my TTT post as to what I’ve added to my TBR list if you would like to check it out 🙂 Have a great day 🙂 xo

    • Brin

      I haven’t actually read any actual Star Wars fanfiction, although I did used to read Knights of the Old Republic fanfic back in the day (Carth Onasi was my first game boyfriend lol). I’ll need to check it out. I did used to love the X Wing fighter novels in the EU. I was a huge fan of the Rogue and Wraith Squadron books. 😀

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