Stacking the Shelves #139

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stacking the shelves bookish haul

Stacking the Shelves – a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality

what’s the buzz: weekly round-up

Nothing. Nada. Nowt. You know it has been a slow week when absolutely nothing at all comes to mind. The most exciting thing I did this week was give myself a manicure. Oh, and obsess over a little-known movie called Teenage Dirtbag. 😛

Moving along…

book haul for the week

I didn’t buy many new books this week (the ones I did get were in various book boxes) but I did get rather a few vintage books – eBay will forever be my downfall. 😉

books bought:


Skyward by Brandon Sanderson | Only the Ocean by Natasha Carthew

Only a couple of new titles this week though both look super-interesting… the covers also seem to go together too!


Summer Nights by Caroline B Cooney | The Face on the Milk carton by Caroline B Cooney | The Party’s Over by Caroline B Cooney | Wicked Heart by Christopher Pike | Bury Me Deep by Christopher Pike | The Visitor by Christopher Pike | The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike | The Evil Child by M C Sumner | Jessica Quits the Squad by Francine Pascal | The Pom-Pom Wars by Francine Pascal | V for Victory by Francine Pascal | Horror in London Collection by Francine Pascal

Quite a few vintage books this week. I couldn’t seem to avoid the siren call of eBay… honestly think I have an eBay addiction!!


Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume | Just as Long as We’re Together by Judy Blume | Love & Betrayal & Hold the Mayo by Francine Pascal | Short Cut to Love by Mary Hooper | Goodbye Tomorrow by Gloria D Miklowitz

Another lot of vintage books – looking forward to checking these out. I already have a couple of these but I got such a good deal I couldn’t resist. 😉


Atlas Fallen by Jessica Pierce | Mad as a Hatter by Kendra Moreno | The Impossible Vastness of Us by Samantha Young

How awesome is the cover for ‘Mad as a Hatter’? I seriously love it! I love Alice in Wonderland retellings and this one looks particularly intriguing.


Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss | Hook Me by Chelle Bliss | Resist Me by Chelle Bliss

Excuse me while I go fan myself – these covers are something else! I’m not usually into overly muscly guys but damn…


Facing the Sun by Carol Beth Anderson | The Billionaire’s Secret Heart by Ivy Layne | The Power and the Fury by James Erith

A couple of freebies that I couldn’t resist from snapping up! They definitely look interesting and I’m always up for something a little different.


Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane | The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson | Signs of Life by Melanie Hansen

Lastly, a couple from a few familiar authors as well as Stieg Larsson’s trilogy – I’ve been meaning to read this series for ages so when this collection was going for £0.99 on Kindle – well, you know what happened next. 😉

teenage dirtbag gif

I may just have to do a review of this movie at some point soon, it’s been a while since I did a movie review…

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