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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is:

Top Ten Tuesday: All About Villains

Who doesn’t love (or love to hate) a good villain? Oftentimes, I find the villains far more interesting than their heroic counterparts. A really well-drawn villainous character is one that I just cannot seem to get enough of.

I didn’t always find villains so fascinating, and to be honest they have to be somewhat relatable for me to truly enjoy them as characters. All-out evil does not really appeal to me – I much prefer shades of grey, or characters that are morally ambiguous but not complete monsters. Here are a few of my favourite villains:

1. Loki (The Marvel Universe)


This might be because I am partial to a little bit of Tom Hiddleston (well, can you blame me?) but Loki is a character who does bad things but I still have a tonne of empathy for. He is the very definition of a woobie (bless his little cotton socks).

 2. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


Spike is another character who is evil but I cannot help but love him (although the AR still gives me pause). It helps that he is hilarious and just a little bit pathetic most of the time. 😉

3. The Joker (The DC Universe)


The Joker is a little (okay, a LOT) more problematic for me since he would definitely fall under the category of chaotic evil but he is just so damn fascinating. Heath Ledger will always be the definitive Joker for me – everything about his interpretation of the character just gives me chills.

4. Rorschach (Watchmen)


Rorschach would probably consider himself a hero but that is the beauty of Watchmen – these flawed characters believe themselves to be saviours but really they are the ones that cause a lot of the problems in their world. I will always have a soft spot for Rorschach though – and Jackie Earl Haley’s performance was on point.

5. The Penguin (Gotham)


Ah, little Oswald Cobblepot. A total nut but still a pretty endearing character. He does some truly terrible things but I cannot help but root for the guy. I need help, clearly. 😉

6. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

snape gif

Now, my ever-enduring love for Alan Rickman *sniff* aside, Snape is a character who is definitely not a good guy but at the same time he isn’t a black-hearted villain either. He is a completely complex and fascinating character (book the book and film version) that cannot be clearly pigeonholed.

7. Harley Quinn (The DC Universe)


Harley is the fun type of villain that you can’t help but be charmed by. I really enjoyed Margot Robbie’s portrayal in Suicide Squad and I am looking forward to getting to know the character better.

8. Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)


More the television version rather than book Cersei (who just is a complete paranoid narcissist), Lena Headey brings a bit more class to the character. I love to hate her rather than just outright hate her which is something of an achievement considering how much I hate book Cersei!

9. Moriarty (Sherlock)


This might just be because I find Andrew Scott adorable but I just love his version of Moriarty. In a series of anti-heroes, he is the perfect foil. He is just so much fun you forget that you really should loathe him!

10. Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood)


Guy is a baddie but he is a conflicted baddie who does go through a redemption arc before the series end. Robin Hood was one of my ultimate guilty-pleasure shows except I do not feel at all guilty about loving it and will defend it to the end! 😉 Seriously though, it was just such a fun show (until the last season but the less said about that the better).


Just for the hell of it, have a shirtless Guy on me (I’m not shallow or anything, *ahem*). 😉


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8 responses to “Top Ten Villains

  1. Yum, shirtless Guy of Gisborne. I haaaated him in Robin Hood, but for some reason his smoldering dwarf persona is what won me over XD.

    Great list!

    • Brin

      Lol, yeah his character was a bit of a brute in Robin Hood, especially at the start. You are totally right – he was all kinds of hot in The Hobbit *fans self*. 😉

  2. Robin Hood! Marian was my true love on that show, but if we’re talking villains, Guy was pretty top-notch. This is a great list.

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