The Traitor’s Crux by Jessica Prather

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I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Traitor’s Crux by Jessica PratherThe Traitor's Crux by Jessica Prather
Published by Oftomes Publishing on November 14th 2017
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 332
Format: eBook
Source: The Publisher

In a country ravaged by years of war, plague, and death, witches and wizards are blamed for the state of the world and hunted by the U.S. government. Kenadee Coria was only a young girl when her brother was taken prisoner for having magical powers.

Now sixteen years old, Kenadee discovers she too has magical powers and must face the facts: the government is watching, and they have plans for her. She’s given a deadly mission and an impossible ultimatum: the lives of a hidden group of magic refugees, or the safe return of her long-lost brother.

The Traitor’s Crux by Jessica Prather is a rare beast indeed. A book that weaves themes of magic and dystopia – two of my favourite genres so rarely mixed together.

A young girl called Kenadee experiences a trauma as a child. Her elder brother Eli was discovered to have magic. He is taken away (possibly killed) by the evil President (think President Snow from the Hunger Games but even more diabolical). Her father is killed trying to protect Eli so it is left to Kenadee and her mother to pick up the pieces.

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Many years later, Kenadee finds herself face to face with the wicked President Reed who lets her in on another shocking secret: she too has magic. He wants her to use her abilities to infiltrate a gang of rebel magic-users who oppose him.

Kenadee does not want to be responsible for bringing down a group who actually might have a chance of ending Reed’s wicked regime, but she has little choice. He has taken her mother into custody and given her one small sliver of hope; her brother Eli is still alive.

Kenadee sets out to somehow join the rebels and although they welcome her with her talents, they are suspicious of her motives. She will have to choose who she would rather save, her family or her new friends…

the traitor’s crux: review

I really enjoy books where subterfuge is necessary and The Traitor’s Crux certainly delivered on that front. The story was pretty intense and the plot fast-paced and exciting.

I enjoyed Kenadee’s arc and found her to be an interesting protagonist. I do wish we had a little more build up with her new group of friends and love interest. The romance seemed to come out of nowhere. I liked Bryce as a character but they seemed to fall in love a little too easy. It wasn’t precisely instalove, it was pretty close.

However, the overall plot more than made up for any shortcomings with the romance plot. Really liked Harlow as a character and Eli, the long-missing older brother, was also intriguing.

I did feel at times that the villain of the piece veered into mustache-twirling excess though – he was just so awful with no shades of grey at all. I prefer my villain’s to be a little bit more sympathetic.

There was a particular plot twist that took me completely by surprise so I definitely have to give the author kudos for that – I totally did not see it coming at all!

to sum up: the traitor’s crux

A strong first entry in a series that has only more room to grow. The Traitor’s Crux really set the scene for the books to come. I may have a few reservations about some aspects (the romance for one) but there is plenty of room for it develop at a more slow pace. I like a slow-burn which is maybe why it didn’t quite work for me here.

The plot was interesting and I can definitely see a lot of potential in the story. I am definitely looking forward to the next book!

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