Ten Book Cover Trends I Like

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Ten Book Cover Trends I Like

I was trying to come up with covers trends I actively dislike (and believe me there are a few!) but I was having a lot of difficulty trying to remember which covers in particular. I have come to the conclusion that pretty covers stick in my head more so although there may be particular covers I do not like, I always tend to remember the ones I do like more. Here are a list of trends I have noticed that are prevalent in YA but I adore the covers anyway!

1. The Eye

trends on book covers

The eye is pretty common trend on YA covers (notice the singular eye, not to be confused with two eyes). This can make covers a little bit disconcerting but I really like the ones pictured above.

2. Symbolic

trends on book covers

I have been noticing a lot of symbols or symbolic themes on YA covers lately – and this is a theme I really like – aren’t they pretty?

3. Spooky

trends on book covers

Being a huge horror fan I love really spooky covers – they really draw me in. These covers are all delightfully creepy!

4. Nature

trends on book covers

I love nature themes on covers – whether they are realistic or slightly more symbolically drawn – and I think the above covers are really eye-catching!

5. Mirrored Images or Poses

trends on book covers

There have been a lot of covers recently with either a mirrored view of the person/people on the front or some kind of alternate mirrored view. It is something I actually really like on covers.

6. Graphical or Illustration

trends on book covers

I really like the graphical/illustrative design on covers – it is very quirky and different. The above covers just scream ‘cute’ read to me.

7. Prominent Font

trends on book covers

Prominent fonts really make the title stand out for me. I have mentioned this before but I have a very visually orientated memory and I am terrible for remembering titles/authors. The focus on the title as a design element really makes the title more memorable for me.

8. Girls in Dresses

trends on book covers

This is an extremely common theme in YA – a pretty girl in a dress on the cover even if it has no relation to the topic of the book at all. Still, there are covers that are so pretty it wipes out any of my prior irritation!

9. Insects

trends on book covers

I am not normally a lover of the creepy-crawlies but these covers are stunning! I honestly would have trouble picking a favourite. 😉

10. Pictured from Behind

trends on book covers

This is a very common theme but when it works – it really works! I particularly love the cover for Everything Lead to You!

trends divider

You may notice from above that some of the themes/trends cross over fairly often (girls in dresses pictured from behind, nature and prominent font, graphical and prominent font etc). Sometimes there is a little too much going on but I think overall, the covers above make it work. A good cover is important – it is the first thing you see in a bookshop so appearances do matter.

I took art in school so I really appreciate really artistic, visually appealing covers. I think the covers above have something that really stands out. Although certain themes/trends are way over-used, I think a lot of these elements are used again and again because they do catch attention.

trends in book covers gif

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25 responses to “Ten Book Cover Trends I Like

  1. thebookheap

    my favourites of these are definitely the graphical representations or prominent fonts! I did used to love the symbolic covers but can’t help but feel publishers brand the covers trying to instantly create a link to THG

    • I like them too! <3

      I know what you mean about symbolic covers – there are so many THG clones out there! I like them when they manage to have their own distinct identity though. 😉

    • I’m always drawn to pretty covers – sometimes it it the cover that really makes me want a book. 😉

      Nice list – I totally agree with disliking the duplicate covers, when the covers don’t match in a series (one of my biggest pet peeves!), and the almost kiss covers – they bug the hell out of me!!

  2. You have some really good ones that I didn’t even think of when I was making my list. I do agree some girl in dresses covers are pretty but a lot of them annoy me.

  3. I was looking everywhere for that Snow Like Ashes cover, but could not for the life of me remember it’s name, so it didn’t make my list. I love that kind of dual worlds things – like in Alienated, too.

    • I hate when you can’t remember a book. There were several I tried to remember but couldn’t (I’m terrible with titles/authors but have a great memory for covers – not very useful when you are searching!!)

      I like them too! <3

  4. The eye close up covers make me feel like the book is watching me–like a room full of dead-eyed dolls… *shudder*

    But I do love big, graphic fonts, and illustration designs–and symbols, so long as they’re interesting. Sea of Shadows, for example, is such a pretty book!

    • Lol! Eye close-ups are hit and miss for me – I get what you mean though! 😉

      I love the focus on fonts/graphics too. Sea of Shadows is a really pretty book cover – one of my favourites. 😉

    • Thanks!

      I know what you mean – I am really surprised that I like covers with insect themes (since bugs give me the heebie jeebies!!) but I really do like quite a few of them. 🙂

    • They are gorgeous right?

      I don’t always love the girl in dresses covers but sometimes I really do (even though I feel like I should not)! On the other hand, some of them are just blah!!

    • I know what you mean – I totally judge a book by it’s cover! There are so many that could work but just…don’t. When they do work I just cannot resist them. Good artwork really does make a difference. Some book covers are works of art in themselves. 🙂

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