Unboxing: Illumicrate

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I am super-excited to share this unboxing on my blog today!

Unboxing: Illumicrate

I know I have been a bit lax lately but I am planning on being much more active again on here. I have really missed you guys – I love this community so much that being away for a while has felt like I have removed a limb or something. 🙁

But… what better way to get back into blogging than with a brand new subscription box full of shiny and awesome bookish things?!?! Daphne over at Winged Reviews has decided to set up a quarterly bookish subscription service that is perfect for all of us bookworms. I am particularly excited about this subscription service because it is based in the UK! 😀 😀

photo 1

As a UK blogger, I have been pretty envious of international bloggers who are able to subscribe to other bookish subscription boxes. A lot of these company’s do ship to the UK (I want to stress this because it is really awesome of them to ship oversees when the cost of shipping is so much higher) but the downside for me is that the cost of shipping is too high for my budget right now. So you can imagine that when I saw that Daphne was starting a bookish subscription box I just had to sign up! Daphne has a pretty awesome mission statement:

“I started Illumicrate because I wanted to curate something for book lovers everywhere, like an ideal gift package! My aim for Illumicrate is to send you the best new reads plus bookish items that are fun, beautiful, geeky and all the wonderful adjectives – things that I would love to own and I know that others would too!”

I have quoted the above directly from Daphne herself, from the Illumicrate website. I really hope she doesn’t mind but I literally could not put it better than Daphne has herself! I was so excited to see a UK blogger that I really admire (I so follow your blog Daphne!) starting a service that fellow bookworms could share and enjoy. What better way to bring bookish folks together than with books and other book-related items?

I have already excitedly shared photos on Instagram (and accidently spoiled one instagrammer for which I am so so sorry!) but I also wanted to share my unboxing here on my blog because this space really is my home and I am glad I have found my way back to it again.


So now that the mushiness is over with (it’s really not btw!) without any further ado here is my Illumicrate box in all it’s naked glory (ahem, not quite – don’t worry we have not strayed into NSFW territory here)!! WARNING, there be SPOILERS ahead for anyone who has not yet received their box:

photo 2

My shiny new Illumicrate box just ready and waiting to be torn into (not literally – I do have SOME restraint folks!) – I love the design – it’s so simple yet really conveys the brand name so well (you can tell I covered marketing and branding in my degree course here lol).

Item number 1

photo 3

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin including signed book-plate (not pictured). Flails excitedly – I was really looking forward to this book so I am uber-happy it was included in this box! It was just released on November 5th so there was very little chance anyone would have it already. I am so pleased!

Item number 2

photo 4

A mysterious looking poster. I am going to open this up just a little bit later. Dum, dum, dum, dum, feel the excitement brewing… 😉

Item number 3

photo 5

A Wolf tattoo bookmark from SkinnyHues! I absolutely love Crini’s work – I already have some of her bookmarks (or rather a few of her bookmarks but who’s counting?) so it is awesome to get an exclusive Wolf by Wolf bookmark. I am so going to use this when I read the book!

Item number 4

photo 6

Mockingjay necklace by My Clockwork Castle! I am a massive fan of Kirsty’s gorgeous jewellery (you might have noticed if you follow my Instagram account hint, hint!) and this is an absolutely stunning piece. I am going to see Mockingjay Part 2 on Thursday so I am so going to be wearing this when I go!

Item number 5

photo 7

Books Before Looks pocket mirror by Raspberry Finch. OMG guys, this is so cute! I love it! The colours are awesome and it is just the right size to fit into my handbag. I have been looking for a new pocket mirror and this one is just totes adorable!

Back to Item number 2

photo 9

…And it’ a Harry Potter series poster from AbbieImagine! This is awesome because I have been looking at Abbie’s prints for a while now. I love Harry Potter (naturally) so this will be finding a place on my wall very, very soon. 😉

Extra Swag

 photo 8 photo 10

A cute little Six of Crows pin (yay!) and a little teaser from This Raging Light by Estelle Laure. I actually have an eARC for this book which I haven’t got to yet. This little teaser has definitely bumped it up the list!

All the Items

photo 11

photo 12

I couldn’t resist posting just a few more shots of the items – it is such an amazing haul and Daphne really has worked wonders to cater to so many different fandoms. I am beyond happy with my bookish loot/haul and from what I have seen over social media, so is everyone else who was lucky enough to snag a box.

**EDIT: forgot to add that everyone who subscribed gets a discount at all of these fantastic stores – looks like I’m going shopping! 😉 **


The next Illumicrate box will be shipping in February and I cannot wait to see what is included. Visit the website here to find out more.

Each quarterly box contains a newly released book and a supply of fun, bookish goodies, like bookmarks, jewellery, stationery, and more! You will receive at least 3-5 items in each box. The box costs just £29.99 with free shipping within the UK. International customers will have to pay extra postage depending on which country they live.


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