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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme previously hosted by the lovely folks @ The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

Characters I Would Adopt (in a totally non-creepy way!)

This week’s topic was a freebie which means the freedom to pick any topic at all! Now, if I’m honest, I suck at thinking up topics. It’s why I like  structured prompts – it gives me something to build a post around without having to mull over a topic (which normally takes me ages).

But, I got to thinking about characters that are so utterly adorable, I would adopt them as my own. You know the characters I mean – the ones that are just so precious and cute that you could eat them up with a spoon haha! I’m not sticking strictly to book characters here either – it will be a bit of a mix of characters from books, television shows/movies, games etc.

1. Cooper Hawkes – Space: Above and Beyond

cooper hawkes gif

I have recently started a re-watch of Space: Above and Beyond and I am remembering with fondness how much I loved Cooper Hawkes – one of the main characters. One of a race of artificially created humans, Cooper has the appearance of a man in his twenties but has actually only been alive for six years. Persecuted and alone, he has never had anyone show him any kindness so he starts the series with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

As the show progresses, you realize how kind and gentle he really is and you cannot help but love this man-child who just desperately wants to belong somewhere. He has always been my favourite character and is the standout for me in a hugely talented and diverse cast.

2. Basilton Grimm-Pitch – Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I love Simon too but Baz has my whole heart. I just simply adore him. I cannot adequately put into words how much. He is just amazing. How much he loves Simon, how defeated and doomed he feels. It’s just so relatable. I honestly don’t think I have taken to a character as quickly as I did to Baz. Within seconds of his appearing with a bang in the books I just knew I was going to absolutely fall head over heals for him.

I cannot wait to read Wayward Son (which is out in a few months – yay!) Seriously, along with the Queen of Nothing it is my most-anticipated release of the year. I am so excited!

3. Grizz -The Society

grizz gif

Grizz is just such a gentle, soft boy I can’t even… He always has a nice thing to say about everyone, never leaves anyone out. He always compliments everybody when they do something good and it always comes across as completely genuine. He is a real sweetheart and was definitely the character I enjoyed the most when I watched The Society.

I was actually really impressed with the series as a whole and would watch it regardless but having a character like Grizz in the mix really makes me appreciate this show even more.

4. Ronan Lynch – The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steifvater

ronan lynch

I adore Ronan – his whole bad boy persona doesn’t hide the sensitive and caring guy that’s underneath. I am fond of all the characters (there isn’t one I don’t like which is really very rare) but Ronan is the one that has my heart.

He is just so pure and selfless. His friendship with Gansey is amazing. I love how close he and Blue get over the course of the series (despite the fact he took the longest to warm up to her) and don’t even get me started on his relationship with one Adam Parrish. Pynch 4eva!!

5. Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect trilogy

garrus vakarian gif

Garrus is tied for top position as my fave Bioware Boyfriend (the other one is a little further down this list…) What can be said about Garrus that hasn’t been said already? It’s no surprise he is usually voted the favourite companion in the series.

He is suave (or at least, he tries his best lol), sweet, caring and can kick ass like a champ. He is literally perfect boyfriend material. I always have Garrus on my crew even when I’m not romancing him (I like to switch it up and romance Kaidan now and again!) 😉

6. Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy 7

aerith gainsborough gif

Aerith is my favourite character in Final Fantasy 7, hands down. I love the original game and I cannot wait to play the remake (even though I know it will tear out my heart all over again). Look how awesome my baby Aerith looks… seriously, I cannot wait to play this.

Aerith is one of the main companions in the game and was my favourite from the instant she first appeared. Her sunny disposition and sweet nature really endeared her to me right away. Even though she has a tragic backstory, she doesn’t let it define her.

7. Fitzchivalry Farseer – Realm of the Elderings series by Robin Hobb

Now it’s no secret that The Fool is my favourite character in this series (scratch that: he is my favourite literary character ever!!) but Fitz is a character who is also very near and dear to my heart. He literally grows up throughout the series and he is one of these characters that often exasperates me but I cannot help but look on with love.

Fitz may not be perfect and he makes a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of mistakes but he is a character I would defend to the end. Where The Fool is mysterious and intriguing – Fitz is pretty much an open book (well, he is to the reader at any rate).

8. Fenris – Dragon Age 2

fenris gif

My other Bioware Boyfriend haha! Fenris can be a little prickly at times but he is very loyal once you have gained his trust. A former slave to a magister, Fenris hates mages and magic and romancing him can be quite tricky if you choose to play your Hawke as a magic user. However, he is not totally unreasonable and if he trusts you he will never leave your side.

Fenris is a character I want to wrap up in bubble-wrap and keep safe at all costs. Abused and mistreated, he is like a stray tomcat – always looking over his shoulder. Getting him to open up to you in-game is so rewarding. I’m very attached to this elf! 😉

9. Luke Sunborn – In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan

luke sunborn

I am super-fond of Elliot (who I’m sure is my snarky spirit animal) but Luke is deserving of all the love too! This boy melts my poor, cold heart. He is so earnest and sweet and just a total sweetheart. His friendship (and then something more) with Elliot is lovely – I was so attached to these two boys it was crazy.

I honestly will need to read this book again soon. All of the characters are pretty darn terrific and I would love to spend more time with them so hopefully there may yet be another book… *hint, hint – pretty please?* 😉

10. Elliot Waugh – The Magicians

elliot waugh gif

There is only room for one Elliot on this list haha! Now, this is a book series but I haven’t read it yet so I’m strictly going by the show here. Elliot is my all-time favourite character. I love most of the characters on this show (don’t get me wrong – they are all amazing) but I don’t think any of them will ever topple Elliot from his throne (if you know the story – you will totally get this reference haha!)

At first, I wasn’t sure who my fave would be. Elliot appeared a little bit too much of a party boy but you very soon realize that this is just a cover to hide his deep-seated insecurities. He grows so much throughout the series.

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