Falling for the Ghost of You

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Falling for the Ghost of YouFalling for the Ghost of You by Nicole Christie
Published by Self-Published on October 28 2012
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 309
Format: eBook
Source: I Bought It

Seventeen year old Violet Mercer returns home from her summer vacation in Hawaii to discover her boyfriend's cheating on her with a friend. As if that wasn't bad enough, her mother's marrying a man she just met.

Things take an awkward turn when Violet meets her rich new stepfather, and his gorgeous son--the hot guy whom she made a fool of herself in front of earlier that day! Zane O' Connor is sexy and charming, and way out of her league. He makes her forget her ex-boyfriend even existed. But there's no way she'd ever have a chance with him...right?

Through a strange turn of events, Violet finds herself living with Zane for a month. Somewhere between the fighting and flirting, they become friends. And it isn't long before that friendship blooms into something else...something more powerful than Violet anticipated.

But Zane is hiding something from her--something big enough to tear them apart if Violet ever discovered the truth about him. Her suspicions keep her from trusting him completely. She's been burned before--is she willing to take that risk again?

As she and Zane spend more time together, Violet realizes it's too late: she's fallen for the beautiful boy with the big secret. Will she get her heart broken twice in one year--or will her love survive the truth?

For readers seventeen and older due to sexual situations and language.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up Falling for the Ghost of You. The title really was a bit misleading. I thought that the book was going to be a lot darker than it ultimately turned out to be.

I ended up getting a light, fluffy teen romance (albeit one with sexy-times) and to be honest I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes my expectations can fall completely flat and unfortunately Falling for the Ghost of You ended up being a little disappointing.


This book revolves around seventeen year-old Violet Mercer. Violet lives with her single mother. She is not a wild teen, preferring to keep to the company of her best friend Lauren and her boyfriend.

However, Violet’s world changes when she returns from holiday to discover her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another of their friends. He breaks the news to her in a Taco Bill and Violet, in her rush to escape the establishment, collides with an extremely handsome young man and makes a fool of herself.

Her world tilts even further when her mother announces the new man in her life – who she intends to marry. Not only that but Violet will soon have a slightly older step-brother. As luck would have it, the young man she bumped into earlier is of course, her new step-brother Zane O’Connor. Zane is handsome and worldly – and also a bit of a player. However, Violet cannot help but be attracted to him (of course). 😛

falling for the ghost of you reaction gif attraction

When her mother and her new step-father leave for their honeymoon; Violet’s plans to stay with one of her mother’s friends fall apart. Having no one else to turn to, she is forced to stay with Zane.

At first, Violet feels really awkward around him and the revolving women he has staying with him. Nevertheless, a friendship begins to grow between them which eventually leads to something romantic forming.

Violet has difficulty trusting that Zane only has eyes for her though. She is very jealous whenever he attracts any female attention. Violet will have to learn to trust Zane if they are to have a future. But is Zane being entirely honest with Violet?


Falling for the Ghost of You – definitely a strange read. The writing was sharp and the protagonist had a very witty, unique voice. Yet… I absolutely could not abide her. I could understand that her boyfriend cheating must have left some scars but her extreme jealousy was very, very hard to take. Every girl that even spoke to Zane was labelled a slut. Violet would practically foam at the mouth whenever Zane was approached by anyone of the female variety. I am not a big fan of slut-shaming so Violet’s actions left me cold.

It was also a little unrealistic that someone as good-looking as Violet was described to be could have so little self-esteem. She even describes herself as looking like a porn-star at one point! Violet came across a little unrealistic (she is so beautiful but doesn’t realize it, she is also a successful self-published author but no one knows this of course!)

falling for the ghost of you reaction gif

I just wasn’t buying that someone as self-assured and successful as Zane would be tripping all over himself to be with her. I liked Zane ok but I could not understand what he saw in Violet and why he would put up with all her jealous antics.


I really did not see the big reveal coming at all – it seemed to come out of nowhere. Zane is not only a famous singer but is actually Violet’s favourite singer – and she did not recognise him at all?? Hair dye and contact lenses are not enough to disguise someone so completely and I couldn’t believe for one second that Violet could have been so fooled especially considering what a big fan she said she was!!


Even though I couldn’t stand Violet, I did rather like Nicole Christie’s writing and I will definitely check out any of her future books. The plot was engaging enough and there were enough twists and turns to keep the story fresh and exciting. I just wish there had been a more likeable protagonist to connect with.


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